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Warning: This article contains massive spoilers from Season 3, Episode 2 of Gotham.

The Gotham Season 3 premiere set the stage for further exploration of the Batman mythology, and we saw that pay off in the latest installment of the series. Last night's episode, titled "Burn The Witch," saw huge changes for the residents of Gotham City as Oswald Cobblepot continued to climb higher up the social food chain, Fish Mooney stepped up her hunt for Hugo Strange and Jim Gordon found himself regretting his decision to trust reporter Valerie Vale. And we even got the introduction of a new, dangerous Poison Ivy.

Check out what's to come on Gotham Season 3 in the teaser below:

We were hoping for some big changes in Season 3, and the first two episodes have already provided some unexpected twists and turns. With that in mind, we're reliving the episode with a look back at some thing you might have missed from Gotham Season 3, Episode 2.

1. Ivy's Mind Has Aged With Her Body

Poison Ivy was born on the latest episode of "Gotham" (via FOX)
Poison Ivy was born on the latest episode of "Gotham" (via FOX)

When it was first announced that Maggie Geha take over the role of Ivy Pepper, it became obvious that the character's rapid aging would allow producers to turn her into the villainous comic book character Poison Ivy. Following Ivy's ordeal last week at the hands of Fish's crew — she was touched by a mutant before falling into the sewer — the latest episode saw Geha's first appearance as the character. And in a surprising twist, we learned that Ivy's been aged up both physically and mentally.

As we've seen, the older Ivy is already well aware of how to use her abilities. We saw her easily seduce and murder a man who called her beautiful, looting his wardrobe and leaving with a stunning green dress. It doesn't look like this is a kid grappling with a new body — she's a new adult character. Who know's what Ivy will get up to in her new body, but if the comic book source material is anything to go by then Gotham could find itself in a lot of trouble.

2. Could Mayor Oswald Be On The Horizon?

Oswald Cobblepot continues to shine in 'Gotham' Season 3. (via Fox)
Oswald Cobblepot continues to shine in 'Gotham' Season 3. (via Fox)

The past two episodes have seen Oswald Cobblepot step into the limelight and become a leader for the people of Gotham City. Cobblepot made several speeches in "Burn The Witch," and the people came out in the dozens to watch him speak. And later on, several citizens arrived outside the building where Fish Mooney was hiding, risking their lives because Cobblepot asked them to. If that's not loyalty, I don't know what is.

With Gordon acting more like a vigilante than a cop, Gotham is in need of a hero and Cobblepot has seized an opportunity to become the people's champion. With the city putting him on a pedestal, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Oswald runs for mayor. It's a storyline that has been used in several Batman adaptations over the years, most notably in the '60s Batman TV series and Tim Burton's Batman Returns. Forget Theo Galavan's run last season, Season 3 could find Gotham with it's most terrifying mayor yet!

The people are behind the Penguin. (via FOX)
The people are behind the Penguin. (via FOX)

3. Gordon's Priorities Have Changed

Gordon is a changed man. (via FOX)
Gordon is a changed man. (via FOX)

It's easy to see why Gordon is a changed man after the hell he went through last season. He was betrayed by former friend Edward Nygma, falsely imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, and his fiancé suffered a miscarriage. So far, Season 3 has seen Gordon take on the criminals of Gotham from afar, acting as some sort of a bounty hunter by taking crooks to the GCPD and picking up reward money for their capture.

The latest episode saw Gordon make even more questionable decisions. Not only did he let Fish get away, but he risked getting her killed by letting Penguin know of her whereabouts. While one could argue that his intentions to save partner Harvey Bullock were good, these are not the actions of the Gordon we know and love. His imprisonment made Gordon realize he can no longer rely on the laws that he fought so strongly to uphold, and as a result he's taking the law into his own hands. In the comic books, James Gordon is one of Batman's many inspirations, and Gotham is making that more than clear. It's easy to imagine Bruce Wayne being inspired by the new Gordon, ultimately deciding to fight crime as Batman.

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4. Gotham City Is Becoming More Gothic

The city is becoming much darker (via FOX)
The city is becoming much darker (via FOX)

Gotham City has never been a safe place to live, especially with all of the psychopaths and criminals roaming the streets in broad daylight. However, one thing that really stuck out for me in the latest episode was how visually dark and gritty the show is becoming. Season 3 has been subtitled "Mad City" and although we're only two episodes in, that madness is clearly reflecting in the show's updated look.

This season, the show is focusing on the downfall of Gotham as its plagued by more and more monsters — from the birth of Poison Ivy to the rise of the Penguin. The tonal changes in the show reflect the themes of the new season. Even the background music, which is almost reminiscent of composer Danny Elfman's haunting Batman film scores, adds to the terror.

5. Bruce Wayne's Playboy Person Will Emerge

Bruce is ready to don the infamous playboy persona (via FOX)
Bruce is ready to don the infamous playboy persona (via FOX)

Bruce's investigation of Wayne Enterpises came to halt this week as he met Kathryn — a top shot-caller with the company also tied to the mysterious Court of Owls. Kathryn and her associates run all of Wayne Enterprises's shady operations, including Indian Hill, and they keep out of the public eye. Bruce promised the woman that he would refrain from his investigation and drop all interest in finding out who was behind his parents's murder. This marks a big change for Bruce, as he's been determined to find his parents's killer ever since they were murdered in the pilot episode.

Alfred appropriately points out that Bruce will have plenty of time on his hands now that he's out of the detective game. The boy himself joked about what he could do in his spare time, marking a rare moment of levity for the character. With all the time in the world, I think Bruce will spend his days crafting the billionaire playboy persona that's so heavily associated with the character in the comics. A new chapter is beginning for Bruce, pushing him one step further to donning Batman's iconic cape and cowl.

Check out a preview for next week's episode of Gotham:

Gotham has definitely changed its approach for the third season, becoming more gothic with every passing episode. The latest installment of the Batman prequel series has left us with so many questions that we'd need the Riddler's help just to answer them all. And with the mind-controlling Mad Hatter set to arrive next week, we're bound to see even more chaos hit Gotham City.

Gotham airs Monday nights on FOX. What were your favorite parts about this week's episode? Tell me in the comment section below.


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