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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Episode 12, "Pillar of Salt."

It was a return to the Colonia and hotel in this weeks episode of Fear the Walking Dead, with a link between the two revealed after Madison and Elena visited the very same gang-run supermarket that Nick is currently dealing with. Not to mention we finally caught up with Ofelia and even got a cameo from Travis - but where was Chris?!

After clearing the hotel of walkers last episode (shout out to my girl, Alicia!), it seems like the residents wasted absolutely no time securing the place, as well as starting to plan for the future by putting in a garden. Meanwhile back at the Colonia is looks as though people were more interested in leaving than staying.

With so many characters focussed on in this episode there was a lot to take in, so without further ado, take a look below at the five things you (might) have missed in Fear the Walking Dead, Episode 12, "Pillar of Salt."

1. There was a bible motif throughout

Lot flees Sodom as his wife is struct into a pillar of salt
Lot flees Sodom as his wife is struct into a pillar of salt

We know that The Walking Dead has had many biblical references throughout the series, but now it looks like they've made their way to fear the Walking Dead. And as soon as the title for Episode 12, "Pillar of Salt" was announced, it looked like we'd be seeing at least one character longing for their post-apocalypse life.

For those that don't know, in the Book of Genesis in the bible there's the story of how Lot's wife became a pillar of salt after she looked back at the city of Sodom. Shortly before the city of Sodom was to be destroyed by God for punishment for the immoral behavior of its residents, two angels came to warn Lot and his family to flee the city. Lot initially lingered, and eventually the angels lead the family out of the city, instructing them not to look behind them, or stop until they reached a safe area. However Lot's wife ignored the instructions not to look back at the city, and was immediately turned into a pillar of salt. The general thought being that Lot's wife looked back because she secretly longed for the lifestyle of Sodom, and was punished for her sins.

Ofelia with her mom, Griselda in pre-apocalypse times [AMC]
Ofelia with her mom, Griselda in pre-apocalypse times [AMC]

In Episode 12 there was only one person whose former life was really being examined, and that was Ofelia - fitting really, considering she's also the most religious member of the group. During "Pillar of Salt" we learned that in fact, this quiet devoted daughter was secretly engaged, and when we finally caught up with her, she was remembering the happy moment of her engagement in Mexico. Ultimately we saw Ofelia longing for her secret fiancé and driving off back towards the USA, in the hopes of finding him.

2. Ofelia will encounter another group on her mission (probably)

Ofelia driving toward the US [AMC]
Ofelia driving toward the US [AMC]

After seeing a lone Travis at the end of the episode, it seems that somewhere along the line we've lost crazy Chris. While it's a possibility that Travis went all "look at the flowers" on his son, I think the stronger option is that Chris ditched his dad to hang with his new friends, who are planning on returning to the US.

So, with Chris and the bros headed to the US, it's likely that Ofelia will encounter the group on her way back to the States. Hopefully by that stage Chris has realized what a liability this group is, and is ready to jump ship to join Ofelia. Or perhaps we'll see a similar situation to The Walking Dead Season 4/5 when our fragmented groups were reunited when they were captured at Terminus. After all, groups must be camped out on the boarder ready to attack survivors carrying supplies, right? Either way, I imagine we'll be seeing a reunion near the boarder in a future episode.

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3. Alejandro is a cult leader on his way out

Alejandro addressing the residents of the Colonia [AMC]
Alejandro addressing the residents of the Colonia [AMC]

After the fantastical story about surviving a zombie bite, in my eyes Alejandro has been 100% confirmed as a crazy cultist. But while he presented himself as a decent guy up until now, in Episode 12 he really stepped up the crazy.

Following Francisco and his family fleeing the Colonia (using the zombie guts disguise!), Alejandro got very serious, giving the residents of the community a rousing speech all about standing strong by sticking together. He later tells Luciana and Nick that no one is to leave the area until he allows it, placing the community on lock down, despite a drug trade being scheduled and supplies running low.

Throughout Alejandro's whole speech, he also appears unwell, acting distracted and sweating profusely. Though Luciana claims he's just "burdened," he certainly doesn't look very physically able, and mentally he comes across as a man on the edge. How much longer will Alejandro be able to maintain control over the Colonia before he's ousted by someone stronger - maybe even someone like Nick, who clearly wants to help the community.

4. Nick is about to find out his mom is nearby

Madison and Elena collect medical supples [AMC]
Madison and Elena collect medical supples [AMC]

Even though it looked like Nick was happy to go along with what the Colonia was doing in the beginning, it seems now that he's found more than a few issues with this new idyllic home as well as with its leader, Alejandro.

Towards the end of the episode Nick organized a drug drop off to the supermarket with Reynaldo, against Alejandro's orders. There's no doubt that when the drop off goes down, the Los Hermanos gangsters will mention something about Nick's mother and the hotel, setting of a whole new chain of events. Firstly Nick learning his mother is nearby might make him reassess his choice to join the Colonia, but it could also mean that Nick will try and organize a trade deal with the hotel to supply the Colonia with supplies, meaning they don't have to keep giving the gang drugs.

Marco in the Los Hermanos base [AMC]
Marco in the Los Hermanos base [AMC]

While this is almost the perfect solution, there is the matter of retribution from the gang, who are definitely armed sufficiently enough to take out the hotel or the Colonia. Not to mention that Antonio (who is Hector's brother, and Elena's nephew) ominously told Elena that the gangsters wouldn't be in the supermarket for much longer - could they already be planning to take over the hotel, or are they headed to an area more flush with drugs and supplies?

5. Alicia's speech to Madison was right on the money

Who else was about ready to flip a table when Madison turned on the generators and the sign at the hotel? I know I was.

After weeks of seeing Madison endanger the group in order to search for Nick, things finally came to a head for long-suffering Alicia during "Pillar of Salt." After she gave her heart wrenching speech about being Madison's child as much as Nick, and being the one who never turned her back on the group, it looked like Madison finally started to understand that she needs to stop risking the groups well being for a son who doesn't want to be with her. It's harsh, but it's a new world and sometimes you have to be harsh to survive.

Unfortunately this realization may have come a little too late, because in the promo for next weeks episode (see below) it looks like Madison's stunt with the sign may have drawn survivors from all over Rosarito - far too many for the hotel's supplies to feed.

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 13 at 9pm ET on Sunday.

What did you think of Episode 12, "Pillar of Salt?"


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