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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Episode 13, "Date of Death."

We're well into the tail end of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 now, with Episode 13, "Date of Death," immediately picking up with the aftermath of Madison's decision to light up the hotel sign.

The episode also answered some big questions when it delved into the last few days of Travis and Chris's journey, including how the pair ended up separated (spoilers: Chris is a nutcase). Ofelia, Nick and Luciana were absent from this episode, and perhaps that accounts for the lack of action, because Episode 13 definitely had the feel of a filler episode. Though with next week's double whammy season finale episode there's no doubt action is coming, and lots of it.

But despite being a quieter episode there was a still a ton of things going on. so take a look at the five things you (might) have missed in Fear the Walking Dead, Episode 13, "Date of Death."

1. We found out what happened with Chris and it was about as expected

Chris leaving Travis [AMC]
Chris leaving Travis [AMC]

Last week, it seemed highly likely that Chris had ditched his old man, Travis for his new bro buds, and this week it was confirmed that that's exactly what happened. However, it was even worse than previously thought, when we learned that Chris's new friends murdered their friend, James after he was injured by the farm owner back in Episode 10.

While this sort of behavior seems to have been viewed by Chris as somewhat necessary for survival, Travis was 100% not on board and despite being heartbroken by what his son has turned into, was no longer prepared to go along with him. It was truly a sad moment when Travis finally realized he couldn't stop his only child from leaving, and even more sad when he so obviously blamed himself for his son's change, telling Madison about what a sweet child he had been when he was younger.


2. Chris isn't dead....Yet

Chris was in the background of the last scene [AMC]
Chris was in the background of the last scene [AMC]

The truly surprising part of the episode was when the bros later showing up at the gates of the hotel. But, while we were definitely supposed to think that the group had somehow parted ways with Chris, I totally noticed someone who looked an awful lot like the troubled teen lurking in the background. What do you think:

Is it Chris in the top right of the frame? [AMC]
Is it Chris in the top right of the frame? [AMC]

It's hard to see, but there's definitely someone with shoulder length hair behind the bros.

But even though Chris and group seem to have made it to the hotel (despite being en route to the States last time we saw them), I still think that next week will be Chris's last appearance. This whole season has been building to something big happening with him, ever since he first started the slide into insanity in the first half of the season. Not to mention, Lorenzo James Henrie, the actor who plays Chris recently landing a role in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. So with that in mind, many are speculating that Chris will be the main character killed off in season finale. What do you think, has crazy Chris's time come?

3. The temporary survivors camp in the carpark will have dire consequences

After Madison's stroke of stupidity last week, a sizable crowd headed to the hotel in search of safe refuge. It was understandable that the survivors wanted a safe home, but it was also understandable of the hotel residents to turn them away - despite putting in gardens for crops, their current food supply would be quickly depleted if a group that large joined their ranks.

Madison among the survivors [AMC]
Madison among the survivors [AMC]

In the end, Andrés and some of the other survivors made a makeshift camp in the underground carpark for the group, unable to totally leave them out in the cold. While at the moment it looks like the group is largely made up of harmless sick and injured people, the fact that Andrés mentioned there were 43 survivors made me a little uneasy. At 43, the new survivors certainly outnumber those at the hotel already, meaning that if they chose to rise up, and were smart about it, they could probably overpower the group. Or, alternatively, if a member of the survivors died, it wouldn't take long for the survivor group to become a sizable herd of zombies, endangering those inside the confines of the hotel property.

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4. There was a nice callback to the pilot

Matt and Alicia in the pilot [AMC]
Matt and Alicia in the pilot [AMC]

While there wasn't that much action in Episode 13, there was a nice callback to the very first episode of Season 1 when we finally saw Alicia speaking Spanish to one of the survivors she was examining.

If you thought it seemed weird that Alicia was suddenly fluent in Spanish, well, that'd be understandable. But actually Alicia's bilingual skills had already been mentioned by her boyfriend, Matt back in the pilot episode, when he told her "you know you could probably teach that class?" after he catches her skipping Spanish class. It was a small moment in the episode, but cool to see the show come back to something they mentioned way back in the beginning.

5. Madison finally told Alicia the truth about her father's death

Madison and Alicia [Richard Foreman Jr/AMC]
Madison and Alicia [Richard Foreman Jr/AMC]

In Season 2, Episode 8, we first found out about Nick and Alicia's dad's death, and soon after found out that Madison had been keeping the real details surrounded her husband's death a secret to protect Nick. But finally in Episode 13, Madison came clean and told Alicia that her father's death wasn't an accident, but suicide. The news was an obvious shock for Alicia, but also provided a good moment for the pair to clear the air. Alicia was about to talk about her feelings of abandonment by her mother, and Madison was finally able to see that her daughter was vulnerable under her tough exterior.

This strengthening of a parent/child relationship was in stark contrast to the break down of Chris and Travis's earlier in the series, and even Madison and Nick's in the mid-season finale. It was good to see the mother-daughter combo on the same page, because given the current circumstances, they'll need to be a strong team to take on the challenges facing them next week.

Watch Fear the Walking Dead when it returns with Episodes 14 and 15 next Sunday on AMC.

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