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We've only recently been introduced to the latest movie incarnation of and yet, we're already eager to see him throw down with some of his most skilled adversaries.

Recently the news dropped that fan-favorite Deathstroke will be the one to face off against Batman in the Caped Crusader's upcoming 2018 solo film, which only makes us more excited for the Dark Knight's addition to the .

Here are the five villains who could given Batman a run for his money in the past, and hopefully will on screen in the near future too.

5. Bane

Batman v Bane
Batman v Bane

Since this version of Batman has been re-imagined with greater ties to his comic book roots, I think his enemies deserve the same treatment. Including Bane, who's sheer size and strength was downplayed in the Dark Knight Rises. Even though it was still fitting for the tone of that movie, I'd love too see a traditional version of Bane in a film eventually.

4. Solomon Grundy

Grundy Smash!
Grundy Smash!

Another brute I want too see fight Batman is Solomon Grundy. Granted, he isn't the most skilled fighter on Batman's list of enemies, but he's still recognized as one of the most challenging. (Being a twelve-foot, undead, zombie with super-strength will earn you that kind of reputation.)

3. The Court of Owls

A Family Affair
A Family Affair

The Court of Owls is basically the Illuminati of Gotham City. They're spoken of frequently, but few actually know if they're a real organization. However, they're very real and they have assassins named Talons too do their dirty work for them -- assassins with enough skill to nearly kill Batman I might add. Any group of killers capable of beating Batman nearly to death, deserves some screen time.

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2 Deathstroke

This highly-skilled assassin with enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, and healing abilities has given the Dark Knight a lot of trouble over the years and we'll get too see just how tough the version of Deathstroke is in 2018 when he debuts in Batman's next solo film. One thing is certain though, their fighting scenes are anything like the one in the above video, this fight is going to be epic.

1. The Red Hood

Robin Reborn
Robin Reborn

Batman fans have been longing too see plenty of his foes on the big screen for decades, but Red Hood earns the top spot on this list. His popularity has grown immensely in recent years, which is why he's showing up in things such as video games, and his possible inclusion in the was already teased in .

Moreover, what the Red Hood has that other Batman villains don't is the ability to use the Dark Knight's own skills against him, which makes him one of the most challenging enemies Batman has ever faced. A battle of this magnitude is the stuff the best superhero movies are made of.

The news of a new set of Batman solo films opens the door for the greatest villains of his rogues gallery to make an appearance.

Which ones would you most like to see on the big screen?


Which Batman villain do you want him to fight the most?


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