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It's been a while since we had a really GREAT werewolf horror flick. I'd say Late Phases and Wer were the last time I actually had fun with this subgenre. Television isn't helping much either, even though we had a pretty decent lycan over Penny Dreadful, but that show is sadly gone. The one thing we actually have to look forward in regard to this mythical creature is the upcoming Dark Universe version, which is probably going to be huge since they're aiming for Dwayne Johnson for the role of Wolfman.

Fans must be howling in anger at the lack of cool werewolf stuff out there, but fear not, for I have an alternative for you! Horror comics have been a reliable source of good stories for many years, and it's not different when it comes about wolf-men and women. One of the biggest advantages of comics is the possibility of setting stories in any periods of time they need, and the shapes and traits of the werewolf are limited only by an artist's talent and imagination.

These are some of the most interesting (and REALLY new!) titles you'll be able to find out there.

'Moonshine' (2016)

  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Writer: Brian Azzarello
  • Artist: Eduardo Risso

This is one of the most unique finds on this list. Set during the infamous American alcohol Prohibition era, Moonshine pitches gangsters versus werewolves. It's as if Martin Scorsese was set to direct a new movie about the mob, but partnering with someone like Joe Dante to write a script. Currently in the 7th issue, the title was created by Azzarello and Risso, the duo behind 100 Bullets and one of the alternative covers was drawn by none other than Frank Miller himself.

'Moonshine' [Credit: Image Comics]
'Moonshine' [Credit: Image Comics]

'The Howling: Revenge of the Werewolf Queen' (2017)

  • Publisher: Space Goat Productions
  • Writer: Ian Edginton, Micky Neilson
  • Artist: Jason Johnson, Milan Parvanov

One of the strongest contenders for the title of best werewolf movie of all time is Joe Dante's The Howling. The film followed the investigation of a notorious serial killer case, which happens to take a supernatural turn when they discover the truth — the killer Eddie Quiest was, in fact, a werewolf. The lead characters who take on this investigation are Karen White and Chris Halloran. They fight off an entire colony of monsters, but Karen is ultimately hurt by one of them, and condemned to become a werewolf herself. Then, she decides to reveal her true nature live on television, exposing the wolf-people. Upon her first transformation, Halloran kills her with a silver bullet.

The franchise went on for countless sequels, but now, 36 years later, it's time to revisit Chris Halloran and the aftermath of his attack on the colony. In this comic book, that promises bringing back the investigative vibes of the original film, a werewolf queen is set on avenging her fallen brothers and sisters, killed off in the colony. The series has only one issue as of now.

'The Howling' [Credit: Space Goat Productions]
'The Howling' [Credit: Space Goat Productions]

'Namwolf' (2016)

  • Publisher: Exploding Albatross Funnybooks
  • Writer: Fabian Rangel Jr.
  • Artist: Logan Faerber

One of my latest lists was about horror movies set in war or involving the military. Back then, I wasn't familiar with Namwolf or it would have definitely made the cut. In this original and interesting title, a young American man is thrown in the middle of the Vietnam War. As if that wasn't scary enough, he has a dark secret that he's not even aware of: he's a werewolf! Pvt. Marty Spencer and his platoon will find out that the heart of darkness is a place for a very different type of monsters. As if the setting wasn't interesting enough, the werewolf soldier can use his guns normally. He'd definitely make to Captain America's team when he became a werewolf. By the way, did you know that Captain America was once a werewolf?

'Namwolf' [Credit: Exploding Albatross Funnybooks]
'Namwolf' [Credit: Exploding Albatross Funnybooks]

'Broken Moon: Legends of the Deep' (2016)

  • Publisher: American Gothic Press
  • Writer: Philip Kim
  • Artist: Nat Jones

As I first flipped through the pages of Broken Moon I believed to have made a mistake. Instead of werewolves, what I faced in those panels was a Lovecraftian beast risen from the sea hunting a group of human survivors in a post-apocalyptical world in which mankind is on the brink of extinction and the moon has literally broken. Badass, I know, but what about the wolves? Around the ending of the first issue, I finally found one. It turns out one of the men was a lycanthrope. As story progresses, he is forced to deal with cannibals, gill-men (like the one from The Creature From the Black Lagoon), vampires are also mentioned and there's even the presence of the one and only C'THULHU! It simply doesn't get cooler than that.

'Broken Moon: Legends of the Deep' [Credit: American Gothic Press]
'Broken Moon: Legends of the Deep' [Credit: American Gothic Press]

'Wolf Moon' (2014)

  • Publisher: DC Comics / Vertigo
  • Writer: Cullen Bunn
  • Artist: Jae Lee, Jeremy Haun

This one has got to be the very best werewolf comic book I have ever read. It's a 6-issue miniseries published by Vertigo, about a man whose life mission is to hunt down and kill the Wolf, a mysterious entity that possesses people seemly randomly, reshaping their bones, flesh and lives into the most insanely violent werewolf ever. This concept alone is intriguing enough to make Wolf Moon a must read, but the artwork that thrives in gore and blood is even better. The werewolf design and his brutality is absolutely glorious, as you can see on this post's header image.

'Wolf Moon' [Credit: Vertigo]
'Wolf Moon' [Credit: Vertigo]

These titles add various twists on the traditional legend, but bringing forth the best the subgenre has to offer. A lot of what we see here will hardly have a chance to be seen in other medium, because history has proven that making a good looking live-action werewolf is quite difficult. These 5 comics are an appropriatte reading for werewolf fans, but also for readers and horror buffs in general.


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