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It looks like we could be undergoing a paint job for 50 Shades of Black in the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off Venom. Away from the happy reds and blues of the MCU, Sony is adapting its own villainverse and kicking off with a symbiote showstopper that has Tom Hardy as its lead. Little else is known about Venom, but the behind-the-scenes production has just added some unusual talent to the roster. While it may not be the most obvious combination of two worlds, 50 Shades of Grey writer Kelly Marcel is the latest person to put pen to paper for a revision of the Venom script.

You're Poison Running Through My Veins

Variety's Justin Kroll reports that Marcel will be joining Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer, who is directing the first foray into the villainverse.

Heading for an October 2018 release date, the Venom team had better get their skates on if they want Hardy to swing in on time for next year. Under the working title of Antidote, there are still some major question marks surrounding the plot of the movie, but it is expected that Hardy's Eddie Brock will be joined on our screens by the psychopathic Carnage and the possibility of She-Venom thanks to Brock's ex-wife, Ann Weying. While things are expected to stay pretty much as is, it will be interesting to see what Marcel has changed from the original outline.

With Marcel's eclectic screenwriting history, will fans see Eddie Brock whipping out his lil' symbiote and bending some office assistant from the Daily Bugle over a desk? Marcel may not simply be here to "sex up" the movie, and the good news is that 50 Shades' decidedly dark tone should come through in Venom. However, while 50 Shades may have whet our appetites (and other parts) enough to be a commercial success at the box office, it came amidst a slew of critical negativity — it was hardly Shakespearian prose, after all. That being said, with Marcel's other work including the likes of Saving Mr. Banks, the upcoming live-action Cruella, and some previous Hardy work on Bronson, she could be just the woman for the job.

With Fleischer planning to draw on influences from auteurs such as John Carpenter and David Cronenberg, Venom certainly has the potential to cash in on our obsession with R-rated superhero movies. Also, with an all-star cast of Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, and the newly added Jenny Slate, Sony isn't skimping on the acting talent either. As for Marcel's last-minute spit and polish, it may have come at exactly the right time. With women in Hollywood hitting headlines more and more in this post-Wonder Woman world, maybe Marcel's touch is just the "antidote" that Venom needs.

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