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A horde of teenage Hobbit fans were provided with a rather special treat at the recent Armageddon Expo in New Zealand. Thirteen actors (not including ) from the directed trilogy held a Q&A session in front of 500 fans at the sci-fi and fantasy convention.

Fans asked pressing questions including whether any of the actors stole anything from the set, which actor was most like the character they played and who was the best dancer.

According to The Dominion Post, , who played Dori, said Jackson allowed them to take their characters costumes and weapons from the set (so keep an eye on eBay for those). , who played Bombur, added that each actor had some traits in common with their characters, while , who's a trained ballroom dancer, was selected as the best dancer of the gang.

Victoria University film and theater student Lauren Wilson also rushed the stage to hug each actor while they sang her "Happy Birthday". To be honest, she was lucky she wasn't gunned down by the police.

Wellington police officer Senior Sgt. Andrzej Kowalczyk had stated they were in a heightened state of alert after receiving calls about convention attendees wandering around with fake weapons. He said:

It just causes all sorts of issues for us, it is of concern that people are doing that sort of stuff. All that we're asking for is some common sense.

If you could ask The Hobbit cast one question, what would you say?


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