ByDania Lerman, writer at
Dania Lerman

Today is John Travolta's birthday!

In honor our favorite dimpled-chin high school crush, here are 6 reasons we wanted to burn our (training) bras for Danny Zuko:

1) The sly grin, dangling cig and piercing blue eyes are BEYOND killer:

I DARE you to say you didn't cut this out, circle it with hearts and keep it under your pillow...

...yeah, that's what I thought.

2) He DEFINED cool and everyone knows it:

As if any like.."football captain" could ever live up...

3) Grease Lightning, Grease Lightning, and Grease Lighting:

I mean...those moves?! TOTALLY dying...still.

4) We'll ALWAYS wish to be (/replace) Sandy:

B-b-but...MY heart is set on you, Danny!

5) He's edgy and badass but still SO romantic:

Any bad boy I ever found was just a jerk...

6) Aaaand...the hair.


Happy Birthday, John Travolta! Here's to the heart throb who NEVER lost his touch.


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