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You know what goes hand-in-hand with multiplayer games? Alcohol. Not only does it add an extra layer of competition to your gaming session, it also tends to lead to hilarity and hi-jinx.

What's more fun than watching your friends try desperately to beat you while also fighting off the effects of alcohol? Basically nothing, that's what. So today, we're going to go over some of our favorite drinking games to play while we show your friends who's the best at virtual competitions.

Disclaimer: You should always be aware of your own tolerance before jumping into one of these games. Drink responsibly and remember that water is your friend. If you're not of legal drinking age, don't drink.

1. 'Mario Kart' Drinking Game (A.K.A., Beerio Kart)

No gaming-and-drinking list is complete without Beerio Kart, so we're starting with it! Really, it's a tried-and-true classic that makes a chaotic game even more chaotic. The rules are simple.

The Rules:

  • Everyone starts with a beer.
  • Drinking and driving is illegal.
  • You must finish your beer before the race is over.

2. 'Overwatch' Drinking Game

The rules for this one aren't set in stone, but is a great title for drinking games since it exists across multiple consoles and is easy to play with friends. You're welcome to make your own rules depending on your setup, but this is my personal template.

The Rules:

  • Drink every time you die.
  • Take three drinks if you die to an ultimate.
  • At the end of the round, take a drink for each medal you've earned (gotta even out the playing fields).
  • Decide on a Wildcard rule depending on the most annoying enemy hero in the match (e.g., drink double if a Bastion kills you while its on top of a payload, finish your drink if Tracer lands her grenade on you, and so on).

3. 'Rocket League' Drinking Game


I'm a little hesitant to add this game to the list — not because it's not a good one to turn into a drinking game, but because it's already so damn chaotic. C'est la vie, though, we're not here to make a night of gaming easy-going.

The Rules:

  • If you score, the other team drinks.
  • If you score on your own team, shame on you, take three drinks.
  • Epic saves make the other team drink.
  • Whichever team loses the match must finish their entire drinks.

4. 'Super Smash Bros.' Drinking Game


To be honest, this entire list could exclusively consist of titles — I'm not sure what it is about them, but they make some damn good party games. Coincidentally, they also make games that are great at making you hate your friends. So, let's add alcohol to that mix and get Super Smashed.

The Rules:

  • Drink whenever you die (obviously).
  • Drink depending on what place you take (1st place drinks more)
  • If you're playing with Final Smash on, drink if you're killed by it. If you get Final Smash and don't kill anyone, finish your drink.
  • Optional: Set the damage ratio up to 2.0

5. Any 'Mario Party' Drinking Game

I mean, come on, it has the word "party" in the title. This one's pretty easy to adapt in whatever ways you want. Personally, I like the following rules:

  • If you lose a mini-game, drink.
  • If you get a star, drink. You're doing too well.
  • If you roll a perfect 10, drink.
  • If you win a 1v3 mini-game, everyone else must finish their drinks completely.
  • If/When half-time standings are shown, drink for whichever place your in (1st place drinks the most, 4th the least).

6. 'Diablo III' Drinking Game

is another title that spans across consoles. And while it works a bit better if you're playing couch co-op, it could still work for PC players:

  • Take a drink if a Treasure Goblin of any kind escapes.
  • Take a drink to celebrate any lore audio log
  • If you die, finish your drink.
  • Kill a boss? Congratulations! Finish your drink.
  • If a legendary drops, everyone drinks.
  • Unlocking the Cow Level is cause for celebration! Everyone chugs their drinks.

7. The First-Person Shooter Drinking Game (Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc)


There are loads of FPSes out there — my personal favorites are the games — so it's perfectly feasible to adapt these rules as needed. But, being first-person shooters, they all tend to share some universal traits that can make for equally universal drinking rules:

  • Drink every 1-2 deaths (depending on the game you're playing).
  • Drink depending on what place you come in (the better you do, the more you drink!)
  • If you die to melee, you take three drinks. Come on, don't let people sneak up on you like that.
  • If your game has sticky grenades, you must take two drinks every time someone lands one on you.
  • If you get on a 10-player kill streak, take a shot. Gotta keep things even, right?
  • Any other rules that can be tailored for your specific FPS!

As always, a little improv can go a long way. If you and your friends happen to find a different rule set works for you, then just roll with it! And, uh, try not to break anything while playing these. Not that that's likely to happen... but it's totally likely to happen.

What are your favorite video game drinking games to play?


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