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Dania Lerman

Pretty soon we get to watch Guy Pierce lay down some basic survival to Robert Pattinson in the not-so-post apocalyptic, gangster-ridden Australian terrain of The Rover. But until then, let's review what we've already learned from the Guy Peace School of Badassery:

Lesson 1: Permanent memory loss is NO EXCUSE for forgetting things.

Two words: PERMANENT. INK.

Lesson 2: If your girl gets killed, don't mourn - FIX IT.

Build a time machine and set things straight.

Lesson 3: Get a gun, and get ready to pull its trigger. At anyone.

Even your brother.

Lesson 4: If you want power, ditch your dignity and learn to BULLY.

Know the insecurities of whoever's next in line and use them to your advantage. Viciously.

Lesson 5: Big muscles make big attitude.

So get both. And USE them.

Lesson 6: You CAN beat time.

Just have a chat with your maker.

Lesson 7: NO ONE beats fire breath. So get some.

Not even billionaires with fancy metal suits.

And that concludes our Lessons on Badass. Thanks Guy!


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