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has been one of the best female characters in comic book history, and over the last two decades some would argue that she has also become the greatest fighter too. She has all the attributes to be the best, and characters like Batman, Superman, and Deathstroke have all fallen to her immense power at one time or another. 2017 was the perfect time for DC to release her solo movie, and it looks like she's saved the with a positive critical reception and an impressive box office gross.

During Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman press tour, she was asked who would win in a fight between the titular character and Chris Hemsworth's Thor. Her response was as follows,

“They ask me who would win, Wonder Woman or Thor ... and I think it’s Wonder Woman. Don’t you, Chris?”

The question was then posed to Hemsworth, who wholeheartedly agreed.

Although this is just fun and games among Hollywood's greatest heroes, it does raise an interesting question; how would Wonder Woman fair against some of the best fighters we know and love from comics?

Wonder Woman Takes On The Marvel Universe:

Wonder Woman is a well versed tactician who was trained to be a warrior from birth. She uses her shield, tiara, and armbands as defensive and offensive tools, as well as a sword and her unbreakable Lasso of Truth. So, lets take a look at how she matches up to the following Marvel characters.

Iron Man

Due to the extremis virus, once had the ability to talk to and control machines without his armor - and even without this, he's still a "genius billionaire playboy philanthropist".

Tony Stark has various suits of armor that allow him numerous abilities such as incredible strength, speed, and the access to the technology around him. Tony Stark is the world's foremost forward thinker, maybe even more than Reed Richards. He's always managed to upgrade his armor multiple times to keep up with the growing strength of both heroes and villains, so it would be interesting to see how he would adapt his suit to combat Wonder Woman. His Hulk-Buster Armor is a perfect example of Stark being prepared for when the worst is bound to happen.

However, despite his many attributes Wonder Woman would surely beat Stark.

Tony Stark may be a genius and he may be able to take a couple of fights away from Wonder Woman, but that's it. Wonder Woman would even take pleasure in opening up Stark's armor like a tin can. If Stark can't beat , he sure as heck can't beat Wonder Woman. He might a win a battle or two (he is a genius after all), but he'd never win against Wonder Woman in the long run.

Steve Rogers

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Thanks to the Super Soldier experiment, Steve Rogers was granted peak human physical attributes like speed, strength, and healing. On top of that, Steve Rogers' mind processes things faster than the average human.

Steve Rogers is THE biggest overachiever in , and maybe throughout comics as a whole. He isn't superhuman strong or fast, doesn't have laser energy beam capabilities and he can't fly. What he does have is an uncanny will to succeed and a strategic mind that surpasses almost everyone. Thanks to this, Steve Rogers has beaten the best of the best, from Wolverine to Iron Man. It doesn't matter who he fights Steve Rogers finds a way to win.

However, although Cap is good, but he isn't going to win this one.

Despite Steve's military mind, Wonder Woman is no slouch. Wonder Woman can trade punches with the Hulk and is faster than Rogers may be able to handle. Wonder Woman doesn't dominate any of these fights, but she does end up winning the majority of these encounters.


Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Ares is the offspring of Zeus and Hera, and has superhuman strength and durability because of his godly DNA. Ares also uses an array of weapons including an axe given to him by his father, swords and various firearms.

I always thought Marvel dropped the ball with Ares, considering that he is the closest thing Marvel had to Wonder Woman in terms of power and skill. His strength, skill as a fighter, and various weapons would present one heck of a challenge for Wonder Woman. On top of his skill, Ares rarely got taken down physically. It was usually done by magic or some unforeseen attack.

I doubt that Wonder Woman would care that this Ares was from a different universe. She probably hates all Greek Gods of War (despite being one herself at one point in time). Unlike the DC Universe Ares, he doesn't need war to become powerful. They are so evenly matched that I don't see either of them truly dominating the other. Although these two are too evenly matched to pick a clear winner, there's a definite chance that Wonder Woman could be the last one standing.


Thor: Ragnarok (Credit: Disney)
Thor: Ragnarok (Credit: Disney)

The Hulk has seemingly limitless strength, which afforded him to be one of the scariest characters in Marvel Comics. Even Thanos, who has beaten the Hulk, avoids fighting him at all costs. On top of his strength, Hulk has accelerated healing and is resistant to extremely cold temperatures and intense pressures.

is the strongest there is. Period. The Hulk has beaten everyone he's fought, but he has NEVER faced someone like Wonder Woman. He's never fought someone with the power and skill to take one of his punches and counter it with a move that could break his arm. Even when he was fighting as a slave during the Planet Hulk series, he didn't fight anyone with the skill and power that she has.

Sure, Hulk is the strongest there is, but Wonder Woman has brains as well as brawn. Knowing that she couldn't take the Hulk out physically, she would likely beat him using her wits. If this was World War Hulk, however, Wonder Woman wouldn't stand a chance.


Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Where do you start with ? The healing factor? How about the unbreakable Adamantium claws and bones? And then there's his heightened senses and peak human strength. Nick Fury says that Wolverine was born to be the perfect killing machine - and he has lived up to that reputation ever since.

One of the things people forget about is that he isn't just a guy who swings his claws. He's actually an accomplished fighter and has mastered dozens of armed and unarmed fighting styles. Logan has beaten ninjas, aliens, Hulks (plural) and some of the best villains around.

Logan may be the most difficult person for Wonder Woman to fight because of his unpredictable nature on top of his fighting skills, but Wonder Woman's flight and her immense power are trump cards in this match.

Wonder Woman's ability to stay calm when Logan goes berserk will fair well in this fight. She has many advantages, such as being able to handle the depths of the sea in order to drown him - there's no healing from that!

Iron Fist

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Danny Rand's Iron Fist allows him to focus his chi and exert it through his body as a weapon. He's also found ways it to heal himself, hypnotize people, and so much more.

Of all the people in Marvel, I give Iron Fist the best chance to beat Wonder Woman over a long period of time. Don't let his inability to use his powers properly in the Netflix show fool you; is one of the three best fighters in Marvel comics. His Iron Fist can literally shatter mountains. I don't care how strong Wonder Woman is, his ability to hit pressure points accurately with his Iron Fist will take her down.

Wonder Woman may have the physical power, but Iron Fist is quicker and with his skill, it only takes one hit for him to lay her out. If these two fight more than once, it would go back and forth.

However, Wonder Woman has the ability to adapt to fighting styles, so Danny wouldn't be able to beat her the same way twice. Her versatility makes her a strong contender against Danny Rand. Either way, this would be an amazing fight.


uses various weapons, from firearms and projectiles to various blades (kitana's, sais, knives, blades etc), grenades, staffs, and god knows what else is in all of those pouches (so many pouches). He has an all-important healing factor that makes Logan's look slow, and his heightened agility and reflexes make him a force to be reckoned with.

Deadpool has beaten almost everyone in the past, including Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, Punisher, Spider-Man, Dracula (yes, THAT Dracula) and so many others. While he may seem like a fool, that is part of how he wins. He has the ability to keep people annoyed and off balance by irritating people to no end. While it may seem foolish, this tactic usually works. However, when he gets serious, he becomes a much more dangerous opponent.

Wonder Woman would likely hear one sexist joke from Deadpool and throw him into space. When Deadpool got back, he'd find a way to piss her off again and avoid letting her get too close. However, Wonder Woman would still win this battle more often than not.

Deadpool will learn the hard way that Wonder Woman has no patience for jokes, especially the kind he makes. Deadpool has beaten the Hulk, so it's not shocking that he could steal a points from her - but ultimately Wonder Woman would prevail.

So, when it comes to Wonder Woman there are very few comic book characters who could take her on and win. She's an unbelievably strong character, and it's fantastic to see her finally beating up the worldwide box office. What I'd like to know is, who do you think Wonder Woman could beat from the Marvel universe?

Let me know in the commits below!


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