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After twelve seasons any reasonable person would assume the production team behind Supernatural would be running out of stories to tell, but that doesn't appear to be the case. The series has seemingly covered almost every facet of the supernatural and science fiction genres, yet it continues to find new territory to explore.

Going beyond the conventional tales of hunting werewolves and vampires, the core group of characters now has to contend with a creature they've never encountered before.

The following section contains spoilers for the latest episodes of Supernatural.

The show's latest figure is the Nephilim, a hybrid offspring of human and angel. The Nephilim came into existence in Season 12 after Lucifer disguised himself as the United States President (a fictional version) and impregnated the President's mistress with his child. The Nephilim's birth was held off until the finale, but after seeing it emerge into the world, we have questions about the Nephilim and how it will affect the next season.

Our questions aren't merely related to the Nephilim. Between Mary being thrown into another dimension with Lucifer and the unfortunate deaths of both Crowley and Castiel, there are many threads we hope are picked up again in Season 13.

Here are the most pertinent questions we want answered when Season 13 premieres.

How Will Sam And Dean Rescue Mary From An Alternate Dimension?

Season 12 concluded with the closing of a dimensional rift opened by the Nephilim's birth. Lucifer and Mary Winchester are both trapped on the other side, though that probably won't be the last time we see either of them.

Mary Winchester on 'Supernatural' [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]
Mary Winchester on 'Supernatural' [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]

Despite being thrown through a dimensional rift, Mary Winchester will likely be present during Season 13. There may not be a clear way to get her out of that parallel world right now but Sam and Dean will find a way. They always do, and since the missing person in this case is their mother, they'll probably put in the extra effort to retrieve her. Will it come at the cost of freeing Lucifer, too?

Is Castiel Gone For Good?

We've seen Castiel die several times over, and have even witnessed his apparent destruction. His latest death makes it seem like Castiel is gone for good this time. After he was stabbed with an angel-killing blade in the conclusion of Season 12, his resurrection seems impossible. Then again, Castiel has been magically resurrected by God in the past so it could happen again. Plus, it doesn't hurt that God sees Castiel as one of his loyal followers, which makes it reasonable to assume Castiel could be revived again.

Castiel on 'Supernatural' [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]
Castiel on 'Supernatural' [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]

What About Crowley?

Crowley's death was an interesting moment in the finale. He's been a flip-flop of a character since his introduction, but his sacrifice to trap Lucifer in that parallel dimension redeemed all his past transgressions.

Still, Crowley's death was unfortunate to say the least. Crowley is a somewhat likable character and it's a shame to see him go just when he started becoming one of the good guys. But when has Crowley ever really died? He always has contingencies in mind to keep himself alive so there's nothing totally preventing his return.

To be clear, Crowley's death definitely took place. There's no question it happened, but death has never been permanent in the Supernatural universe. Characters like Lucifer, Castiel, and Rowena have survived death time and again, making it safe to assume Crowley could return as well. Of course some fans would argue that Crowley is permanently dead after stabbing himself with an angel blade, which he did do. But those fans are limiting their perspectives to what's been established so far.

If we're being honest, Supernatural has never been consistent with death. Some aspects of the series have remained constant but things like character deaths change all the time. This finale was a good example of the series taking a big turn from established facts of the Supernatural universe.

'Supernatural' [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]
'Supernatural' [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]

When Castiel ventured into the parallel dimension opened up by the Nephilim, he encountered a type of demon he'd never seen before. He points out the differences between the demons he knows and the one seen in the parallel dimension, which proves that there are supernatural creatures we've yet to see. Along with new creatures being introduced, any assortment of supernatural lore could be the key to resurrecting Crowley and Castiel, if done correctly. The only question is what will that solution be and what will the cost be? There's always a cost on Supernatural.

Is Bobby Returning As A Series Regular Next Season?

Another pertinent query we have is whether or not Bobby Singer will return as a regular on Supernatural. Bobby (Jim Beaver) briefly returned as a parallel version of himself in the Season 12 finale, leaving his plot thread somewhat open-ended. Adding to that, Mary Winchester being trapped in the same dimension with Bobby could lead to us seeing Bobby in the normal world. Perhaps even as a permanent cast member on the series again.

Is Lucifer Gone For Good This Time?

Beating Lucifer has been Sam and Dean's goal since he attempted to start the apocalypse. They've thwarted his plans several times over but Lucifer always finds a way to come back. That said, it seems like he's never going to be defeated. Even a spell to trap Lucifer in another dimension was just a minor setback for the devil. We saw that he was unaffected by the spell cast by Crowley, which goes to show how strong and capable Lucifer really is.

With Lucifer's unchallenged power being known, it's likely he'll return when the Winchesters go looking for their mother in that other dimension. And in signature Supernatural style, he'll probably hitch a ride back to his own dimension when the Winchesters rescue Mary. Although, trapping Lucifer in another dimension might be the key to defeating him.

For one, we know the parallel world he's trapped in is identical to the original, only it's overrun by angels and demons fighting. Within this dimension, we can assume Hell still exists there. It may be conjecture to assume the Devil's trap exists in the parallel dimension as well but if it does, locking Lucifer up in that cage might permanently put him out of commission. Then again, the cage has never been a sure thing so defeating Lucifer may come down to God's intervention because he appears to be the only one capable of stopping the Devil.

Lucifer on 'Supernatural' [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]
Lucifer on 'Supernatural' [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]

Where Do The Nephilim's Allegiances Lie?

The Nephilim only became present in the concluding moments of the Season 12 finale. Though, it was an interesting few moments. After Kelly Kline gave birth to a teenage Nephilim she called "Jack", it wandered into the nursery built for it. We didn't see much of the Nephilim but it's glowing yellow eyes and sinister smirk all but say it's bad news for the Winchesters. And now they don't have Castiel to help them care for the semi-celestial being, they're going to be in over their heads. Then again, Sam and Dean might have more to worry about than caring for the Nephilim.

If we consider the devious look on its face in those last moments of the episode as clues towards what the Nephilim is planning then it probably intends to exact just as much damage and mayhem on Earth as Lucifer intended to. The Nephilim is Lucifer's son after all, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise for him to have similar aspirations. That said, those concluding moments of the Nephilim could have been taken out of context.

Kelly Kline influenced by Nephilim on 'Supernatural' [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]
Kelly Kline influenced by Nephilim on 'Supernatural' [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]

For all we know, the Nephilim could have good intentions like Castiel. Despite being Lucifer's son, the Nephilim is still a hybrid angel which makes it reasonable to assume there's good intent within the Nephilim.

Apart from the corrupted angels on Supernatural, their motives are usually good. So, that may be reason enough to believe the Nephilim's angel half will share similar philosophies to the Angels on Supernatural, rather than his father Lucifer. If true, the Nephilim will thus become a beacon of hope rather than a mere weapon for Lucifer to control.

Is God Going To Save The Day (Again)?

After God / Chuck returned last season to stop Amara, it seemed as if all the conflicts on Supernatural could be solved in the same manner. Seeing as how God has the ability to change anything, he can be used as a solution to almost any problem. But what would be the fun in that?

Yes, having God return to right the wrongs committed against the Winchesters would seem fair but that in itself would defeat the purpose of the Winchesters fighting to save the world. If the Winchesters could just count on God to solve all their problems, they could kick back and relax but that's not how things work. God only stepped in during Season 11 because Amara threatened to destroy the universe. And with her no longer a threat, it doesn't seem like God will intervene anymore. Although, the notion of the Nephilim destroying the fabric of space and time might justify God's return in Season 13.

Chuck / God on 'Supernatural' [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]
Chuck / God on 'Supernatural' [Credit: Warner Bros. Television]

The Nephilim is a creation that shouldn't ever exist which brings me to believe its birth might be cause enough for God to return. If that's the case, what would God do in light of the Nephilim's birth? Would God raise the child and attempt to make the Nephilim into the type of angel he wanted Lucifer to be? Or will God decide to destroy the Nephilim before it has an opportunity to reign down destruction on the world? Both are valid questions that we probably won't have answered until we get closer to the Season 13 premiere.

What Are Your Expectations For Season 13?

We're curious about other points, such as the role of the British Men of Letters, but that thread will likely dangle until Sam and Dean successfully rescue their mother, if that does turn out to be their goal going forward.

What other questions do you want answered in Season 13? Are you wondering about the other hunters being assassinated by the British Men of Letters? Or maybe you're asking yourself if there's any truth to what Crowley said about closing the gates of Hell? Whatever your questions are, leave them in the comments section below.


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