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There are tons of underrated characters in both the and DC universes. Including the Martian Manhunter, who stands out as one of the most, if not the most, trivialized superhero in the universe.

Hopefully, the following list of facts will help some of you to understand the full extent of his powers, as well as highlight why he'd more than likely defeat your favorite superhero, (or villain), in battle.

7. He Can Keep Up With The Flash And Superman

Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

When you think of the primary speedsters from DC, the first names that come to mind are , , perhaps the Reverse Flash, and a few others. Unfortunately, the Martian Manhunter is rarely added to this list. Even after he's circled the entire world in seconds, flew to the moon in seconds, and has gone eight times the speed of light.

6. He Can Shape-shift, Shrink and Grow

Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

With better shape-shifting abilities than Clayface, and the power to change sizes to a degree comparable with Ant-Man, the Manhunter is certainly diverse. These aren't mere generic side powers either. Both abilities are just as advanced as any of his other skills. For example, when shape-shifting he doesn't just look like what he shifts into, he's also capable of altering himself on a chemical level. And, as far as his growing abilities, he's been known to expand larger than tall buildings, and shrink to the size of a common housefly.

(In the video below, check out the scene from Supergirl season one, where the Martian Manhunter first revealed himself and shifted shape as well as size.)

5. He Can Phase Through Solid Objects

Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

You can't hurt what you can't touch right? The Martian Manhunter can phase through solid objects with ease. Meaning many superheroes and villains probably wouldn't even land a solid hit, let alone beat him.

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4. His Telepathy Powers May Be The Best Ever

Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

The specializes in many skills and abilities. However, telepathy is probably at the top of that list. Especially after he's used this skill to evacuate an entire city and scan the minds of everyone on earth three times. So it's not hard to understand why many consider it his greatest power.

3. His Healing Abilities Are Better Than Wolverine and Deadpool's

Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

Not only is Martian Manhunter's speed underrated, so is his healing factor. Which is better than Wolverine and Deadpool's. From losing limbs, to being a smear on a wall, the Manhunter always comes back, and quickly at that.

2. He Has Too Many Powers To List

Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

The powers and abilities listed above really are just the tip of the iceberg. It would take a much longer article to list and detail all of them. However, this should give you an idea of how heinously underrated the Manhunter really is.

A few additional powers and abilities acquired by the Martian Manhunter are:

  • Astral Projection
  • Density Control
  • Elasticity
  • Flight
  • Hypnosis
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Ice Breath
  • Heat Vision
  • Telekinesis
  • Invulnerability

And many, many, more.

1. He Took On The Entire Justice League By Himself

Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

Although the outcome of this battle is uncertain, we do know the Martian Manhunter made it out alive. However, the fact that he's capable of taking on several god-like heroes at once, is impressive.

What's even more amazing is DC hasn't revealed any plans to introduce him to their extended universe, and he's still one of the most underrated superheroes ever! Thankfully, you and I know better though.



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