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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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OK, so Cybertronian Technology may be a few decades away, but some mere Earthlings have made some pretty decent attempts at making Real Life Transformers. Let's hope they're more Autobots than Decepticons!

Check them out! And remember, Science is cool, kids...

From the Enthusiasts...

1. The Artist

British artist Hetain Patel converted an old Ford Fiesta into a real, working Transformer as an artwork to show a 'fantasy world where [others] can transform out of a marginal position into one of empowerment.'

2. The Coolest Dad

Dad of four and ex-machinist Marc Derepentigny spent $2000 and two hours a day for two years to make this incredible Transformers costume, complete with moving parts and dope mechanical functions. Bring on the next PTA meeting!

3. Probably the best Bumblebee suit you've seen

It's the thing I always pray for at every ComicCon...please, just let there be a real-life Transformer...just this once? I'm holding out for a Grimlock...

From The Scientists...

4. Transform Robot Version 7.2

Japanese designers at Brave Robotics made this rad-as-hell 1/12 scale Transformer 'bot, which switches between its car and humanoid form in a matter of seconds. If you've got a spare $24,000, why not get one of your own?

5. Nao

This little guy is small but mighty, and has many awesome functions. Nao is a humanoid robot capable of many tasks. He can play soccer, teach autistic children, and even do stand-up comedy. The future is Nao.

6. DARPA robotics trials

The DARPA challenge offers $2 million to the best design for a humanoid 'bot. One main goal is to send intelligent 'bots into places that humans can't go, such as disasters at nuclear power plants. Wait and see how these develop...

7. KR01 Battle Robot

The Kuratas Battle Mech is 13 foot tall, weighs over 4 tons...and can be controlled with an iphone?! Suidobashi Heavy Industry displayed their lethal, gun-totin' bot at Tokyo's Wonder Festival. Cool, but pretty dangerous!

8. And...From This Miss America Contestant.

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