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Will Wharton

Let's be honest. If you're reading any of this text BEFORE you watch the below clip, there's something wrong with you. Not because you're not attracted to women or anything, there's nothing wrong with that. It's just studies show that people who read things before pressing confusing buttons are generally losers... or at least boring winners. So what are you doing? Don't be a loser, click the button. Go on, do it. How do you think wars are won? By reading the text above the big red button? Heck no! Obama just opens the Plexiglas casing, puts his hand over his eyes and hits the button! He doesn't read any manuals or warnings, he just goes for it. And what bad things have ever happened to anyone who didn't think about their actions first? I'll tell you what bad things happened to them: NO BAD THINGS. Do you know what awesome things happened to those people though? They won the lottery and all their dead grandparents came back to life. Seriously. You don't want that? What is wrong with you?

Click the button, watch the awesomeness.


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