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Reboots are a fact of life in the modern world. Every few years or so, the entertainment industry runs out of ideas, and we are met with a brand new wave of and . Remaking once popular shows is a slightly more recent part of the cycle, and even newer than that is the current trend of reviving series on . We've already seen the likes of Wet Hot American Summer and Fuller House appear on the streaming platform and now classic kids show The Magic School Bus, cult favorite Mystery Science Theater and of course Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life will soon be heading our way.

For any returning actors in these series, there are obvious perks to agreeing to an appearance in a Netflix revival as opposed to a network series. The number of episodes is often lower, which likely means a much shorter time commitment. There will also mostly be a longer period between seasons, with Netflix seemingly more willing to work around the actor's existing schedules and leaving them more time for other projects. So which series from days past would be ripe for a Netflix pick-up? Let's take a look!

1. Captain Planet

With a live-action film adaptation recently announced, a reboot of the animated series should surface at some point. The lessons this show tries to teach are important, probably now more than ever, but a few issues could arise while attempting to shop it around to networks. The show can get dark at times, possibly making it unsuitable for today's more sensitive kids channels, and the environmental message may seem a little too pushy for some tastes. Having already picked up another educational kids show reboot, The Magic School Bus 360, Netflix could potentially be the perfect home for a new Captain Planet.

2. Charmed

Running for eight seasons from 1998 to 2006, Charmed, the series following the magically gifted Halliwell sisters, remains a cult favorite. A reboot is reportedly in the works, though the original cast is not expected to be involved. This, I believe, would be a mistake. Charmed is loved enough that the characters and their actors are inextricably tied in the minds of fans, who would more than likely refuse to accept new faces as Phoebe, Piper, Prue or Paige.

Each of the core cast members have expressed interest in returning for a movie. Why not a limited Netflix series, like the upcoming Gilmore Girls? The world still has so many stories that could be told. They could pluck something from one of the many tie-in novels, or possibly the comic series that takes place after the show ended. Any Charmed reboot without input from the ready and willing original cast would seem something of a waste.

3. Revenge

Soon after the finale of aired, rumors began swirling about a possible spin-off centered around Gabriel Mann's character, computer genius Nolan Ross. The series, possibly titled Kingsmaker, would have followed Nolan as he assisted new characters in their quests for revenge.

Thus far, no series has surfaced, but Netflix has a habit of reviving once popular shows. A new series could have a chance to fix a few of the things that went wrong in later seasons, such as the story dragging a bit. A better move would be to have a new revenge-seeker every season, or possibly every episode.

4. Will & Grace

Ever since the Will & Grace cast reunited earlier this year for a skit inspired by the 2016 Presidential Election, fans have clamored for a lengthier reunion. While all the key cast members have shown interest in returning, a lot depends on what they can fit into their existing schedules — which is why Netflix could be a great choice to bring back the sitcom.

5. Pokemon Origins

Intended as a tribute to long-time fans, Pokemon Origins, a four-part mini-series aired in 2013, followed the story of the original two Pokemon games, Red and Blue. The series ends with protagonist Red capturing Mewtwo, but as all fans will know, that is not the end of Red's story. He appears as the true final boss in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, and it was recently revealed that Red and his rival Blue are set to make an appearance in the series's newest games, Sun and Moon.

But what happened in between? That is the story that could be told in a Netflix series. It's a long trip from Johto to Alola, after all. Red's journey through the other regions is hinted at in the Pokemon Generations mini-sode "The Adventure," taking place from the point of view of Red's Pikachu, so the story would only need to be fleshed out a bit.

6. Firefly

Fans of Firefly still campaign for the show's return over ten years after it left our screens, and now may be the best opportunity that we'll ever get. Nathan Fillion recently finished his stint in crime-drama Castle, while none of the other major cast members are currently involved in any roles big enough that they could not be worked around —except maybe Alan Tudyk, but as his character was killed off in the sequel movie Serenity, that would not be an issue.

Netflix would be a perfect home for as it could easily avoid all the issues that killed it the first time around, such as the network's baffling decision to air episodes out of order.

7. Teen Titans

For the most part, fans of the original Teen Titans animated series, a show that was story-driven and often quite dark, have been sorely disappointed by the episodic and rather silly reboot, Teen Titans Go! But Go! does have its fans, particularly among the younger crowd.

Why not keep both parties happy? Leave Go! on TV for the kiddies, but revive the original, more grown-up on Netflix for those who want to watch it. The series would be a perfect fit beside Netflix's recently announced Season 3 of the previously defunct .

8. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer enjoyed a massively popular seven season run from 1997 to 2003, with its lead character becoming a pop culture icon who endures to this day. Notably, was never cancelled, but creator Joss Whedon chose to end the series on a high note. The result is that fans never had a chance to grow tired of the series, and have always been begging for more.

A number of potential spin-offs were rumored after Buffy ended, though none have come to be. That is not to say, however, that a revival couldn't happen. Anthony Head has been quite vocal about his desire to one day still star in Ripper, a series that would have followed Rupert Giles as the events of his hell-raising teen years caught up with him once more. Another option could be a series based on Melaka Fray, a slayer from the distant future introduced in the comics.

A Fray series could possibly incorporate Alyson Hannigan's Willow as the show's hidden villain. In one issue of the comics, it is revealed that the magicks have rendered Willow near-immortal, causing her to outlive all her friends and become dark and maddened with grief once more.


Which revival would you like to see?


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