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We're getting closer and closer to the anticipated return of Silicon Valley on April 23rd. Sure, most of the world is stoked for HBO's main show, Game of Thrones, but some of us are more excited for the return of the Pied Piper gang instead. The first three seasons of Silicon Valley were consistently hilarious, and if the trailer is anything to go by, Season 4 will be just as strong! Before I look at some things you might not have known about the show, check out the Season 4 trailer below.

Like with any show, has some moments behind the scenes that are just as interesting and funny as the show itself! We're going to take a look at a few of these cool tidbits to get you back in the mood ready for Season 4 of Silicon Valley.

1. 'Silicon Valley' Was Originally Supposed To Be A Movie

Erlich, Jared, RIchard, Dinesh and Gilfoyle [Credit: HBO]
Erlich, Jared, RIchard, Dinesh and Gilfoyle [Credit: HBO]

Nowadays, we live in a world where TV shows rival the quality of Hollywood films. The benefit to making a TV program over a movie is that you can expand your story and tell it properly, rather than trying to squeeze tons of content into 90-120 minutes.

Well, with that in mind, it's crazy to think that Silicon Valley was originally supposed to be a movie rather than the HBO TV show we all know and love. I'm sure it still would've been good, but they probably would've hired more well-known actors which would mean that we would have never met the wonderful cast that we know today.

2. Most Of The Guys Knew Each Other Before The Show!

'Silicon Valley's' hilarious cast [Credit: HBO]
'Silicon Valley's' hilarious cast [Credit: HBO]

When you're watching Silicon Valley, it's almost as if you're watching a reality show because of how well the gang gets on. This is because stars like Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Kumail Nanjiani and Josh Brenermost knew each other prior to the show, mainly through stand up.

3. There's A Real Pied Piper Site!

My favorite character, Jared [Credit: HBO]
My favorite character, Jared [Credit: HBO]

One of the best things about Silicon Valley is how believable it is, extending past the show's reality and into our world too. For example, if you follow this link, you'll end up at the Pied Piper website. It genuinely seems like a real site — and as a bonus, there's also a Bachmanity site too. Check it out here!

4. The Show Is Loved By The Real Life Silicon Valley

The promotional posters are always on-point [Credit: HBO]
The promotional posters are always on-point [Credit: HBO]

Most of you will know that Silicon Valley is an actual place where tech is everything and innovation is what keeps people striving. Often, experts come forward to say that shows based on their speciality are completely inaccurate. Luckily, the exact opposite is true for Silicon Valley, which has the support of many coders & entrepreneurs from the real Silicon Valley!

According to FOX News: Entertainment, venture capitalist & former America Online CEO Barry Schuler came out to say:

"I live it every week"..."We don't fit into normal social circles, you know what I mean? What we do is clearly done by a self-selecting group of people who like to sit in dark rooms and write code and make the world a better place."

5. In The Opening Credits, You Can See Facebook Eat The Companies It's Bought

One aspect of Silicon Valley that keeps it so fresh is the show's fantastic awareness of the tech world around it. One of the most clever instances of this is in the opening credits for Season 3, where the Facebook logo 'eats' the WhatsApp and Oculus logo, as a reference to Facebook's purchase of the two companies.

6. The Intro Also Showcases Napster's Fall

If you check out the intro to Season 1, you'll also notice a hot-air ballon inflating with the Napster logo on it in the bottom right. As the intro goes on, the hot-air ballon deflates, symbolizing Napster's collapse.

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7. The Equation For The Jerking Off Scene Is Based On A Real Paper

The jerking-off equation scene is probably the funniest scene in Silicon Valley history, but did you know that it all came from a real 12-page paper created by a user on Scribd called vinithmisra? Check out the hilarious paper here!

8. The Opening Intro Is A Real Song!

When I first heard the intro for Silicon Valley, I completely thought it was an original tune made for the show. I didn't realize that the song 'Stretch Your Face' actually belonged to a band called Tobacco. It's insanely weird to listen to the full version of the song if you're familiar with the Silicon Valley intro!

Hopefully, it's been interesting to learn all about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making a show like Silicon Valley. Thankfully, the show finally returns after what feels like forever, on April 23rd! I'm super excited to see what the Pied Piper gang has got in store for us in Season 4.

Let me know who your favorite Silicon Valley character is in the comments!

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