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Dania Lerman

ReAction Figures is launching a line of 80s style action figures from all the classic flicks and it's totally evil because...well...we're no longer children. These are just so freaking awesome and now I'm going to face humiliation and shame by spending money on toys because there's NO WAY I can ever resist these. See for yourself (if you dare):

1) Marty McFly

My GOSH he's even got the skateboard...

2) Doc Brown

Now this is just cruel...

3) Malcom Reynolds

...really, ReAction?

4) Kaylee Frye

Stop it. Now.

5) Mia Wallace

No! Not allowed! Too much!

6) Vincent Vega

...MUCH too much!

7) Sloth they know this was like...99% of my childhood?!

7) Mouth

...the MAP?! I'm crying.

8) T-888 endoskeleton


9) Buffy Summers

No. Not Buffy. You Can't.

10) Spike


11) Rocketeer

But...I need to afford rent!

12) Snake Plisskin

...and food!

13) Jason Voorhees

Hey! Horror fans have hearts too :(

14) Sam


15) Freddy Kreuger

This CANNOT be happening.

16) Michael Myers

...but it is.

17) Eric Draven

Not cool, ReAction, not cool.

18) Gill-man

Okay, say it with me: I am too old for toys. I am too old for toys. I am too old - Oh screw it. Pre-order them here.


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