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Are you a little strange? A little kooky, quirky, bizarre and spooky? Don't worry, you're not alone — the world is filled with kooky characters who don't care what other people think, and who make the world more exciting just by being themselves. Here are 9 weirdos that taught us it was okay to be a little different; that it's fine to dance to the beat of our own drum. Because it's us — the oddballs — that make the world a whole lot more interesting.

1. Nick Twisp - Youth In Revolt (2009)

The Weinstein Company
The Weinstein Company

Arguably every single character Michael Cera has ever played should be on this list, as we're all 98% sure he just plays himself. But alas, there can only be one, and who better than Nick Twisp? The guy so desperate to lose his virginity to the girl he loves, he invents a sexy, bold alter ego called Francois... and grows the world's most wonderful moustache.

Best Quote: "I do all of my hiking free form. Like John Muir, I enter the wilderness with nothing more than my journal and a child-like sense of wonder."

2. Lydia Deetz - Beetlejuice (1988)

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Known to to her parents as 'goth girl,' Lydia Deetz is the dark and twisted teenager we all wish we had been. As Beetlejuice's (forced) bride-to-be, Lydia doesn't fear the world of the supernatural, but accepts that it surrounds her. She is also played by the brilliant Winona Ryder, the unrivalled queen of outcasts, oddballs and weirdos.

Best Quote: "Well I read through that handbook for the recently deceased, it says 'live people ignore the strange and unusual.' I myself am, strange and unusual."

3. Napoleon Dynamite - Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

There are few on this good earth weirder than Napoleon. I don't know what tips his weirdness over the edge; maybe it's his deadpan one-liners, pet Llama, love of tots or sick dance moves — whatever it is, when one thinks of movie oddballs, one thinks of Napoleon Dynamite.

Best Quote: “Nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills… Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills!”

4. Wednesday Addams - The Addams Family (1992)

Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

Wednesday Addams is the spookiest, cookiest, creepiest 11-year-old to ever be seen on celluloid. She has no problem with torture, terror and mutilation; in fact, her bizarre tight-knit family encourage such behaviour.

Best Quote: "Wednesday's at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind."



5. Alan Garner - The Hangover (2009)

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Alan's charm lies in how oblivious he is to his own weirdness. With satchel in hand, Alan causes all kinds of mayhem with his child-like spirit and sense of wonder. He loved his weekend in Vegas, and cares for his friends — who need to learn not to accept any more drinks from him.

Best Quote: "It's where I keep all my things. I get a lot of compliments on this. Plus it's not a purse, it's called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one."

More like this?

6. Donnie Darko - Donnie Darko (2001)

Pandora Cinema
Pandora Cinema

Donnie is a strange and troubled kid who sees beyond the realm of what we believe is possible. Upon learning that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds from a monstrous bunny called Frank, Donnie must figure out how he has managed to become the center of the universe.

Best Quote: "I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be so much to look forward to."

7. Janis Ian - Mean Girls (2004)

Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

What can we say about Janice Ian that the burn book hasn't said already? Janice is the art kid who doesn't care what Regina and her plastics have to say about her, but is determined to bring Regina down for good. She embraces Cady just as she is, is not afraid to say how she really feels, and rules the school with Damian by her side.

Best Quote: "You got your freshmen, ROTC guys, preps, J.V. jocks, Asian nerds, Cool Asians, Varsity jocks Unfriendly black hotties, Girls who eat their feelings, Girls who don't eat anything, Desperate wannabes, Burnouts, Sexually active band geeks, the greatest people you will ever meet, and the worst. Beware of plastics."

8. Nancy Downs - The Craft (1996)

Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures

Nancy is one hell of a terrifyingly sexy and evil weirdo. She is the epitome of badassery, and has no problem scaring the shit out of her friends and fellow classmates. Basically, this bitch don't care. If there's one weirdo to take notes from this Halloween, it's Nancy.

Best Quote: "We are the weirdos, mister."

9. Edward Scissorhands - Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Is Edward weird because he has scissors for hands? Is he weird because he isn't really human? Or is Edward only weird because he hasn't had a chance to be anything else? Trapped in his castle, Edward lives a life of isolation until he climbs down and enters civilization, provoking the question; who are the real weirdos here?

Best Quote: "I am not complete."

These were the characters we grew up with, the ones we looked at and thought "hey, that's me!" So be sure to celebrate all the things that make you a little cooky, a little strange, a little different and most importantly, all the things that make you, you.

Which wonderful weirdo do you love the most? Let me know in the comments!

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