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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Not to make you spit pumpkin juice over your laptop or anything, but this is probably the biggest Harry Potter news in years.

J.K.Rowling just posted brand new HP material over at the Pottermore website. I KNOW. SO GOOD.

So, after recovering from my joy spasms, here's what I learned from JKR's NEW History of the Quidditch World Cup...

1. The Quidditch rule book spans nineteen volumes.

And you thought The Order of the Phoenix was long!

2. Quidditch rules state: 'no dragon is to be introduced into the stadium for any purpose.'

This seems fairly sensible.

3. The QWC also forbids 'modification of any part of the referee’s body.'

Especially if you try to modify the referee into a dragon.

4. In 1692, the Statute of Secrecy dictated that the tournament should remain hidden from the Muggle World.

This involved securing remote and/or deserted places to hold the QWC.

5. During the early 'group phase' of the QWC, games are capped at four hours.

The longest Quidditch game on record lasted over three months.

6. In the 1809 Quidditch Final, Niko Nenad bewitched an entire forest to attack the pitch.

Maybe one of these guys was an ancestor of the Whomping Willow?

7. Teammate Ivan Popa had warned his manager to substitute Nenad before the final...

...because he'd 'beat[en] himself over the head with his broom and set fire to his own feet' in practice.

8. In 1974, wands were banned from the Quidditch World Cup final.

Naturally, the wizarding crowd refused to comply.

9. Wizards think that a QWC tournament was held in 1877...

But, uh...nobody remembers. A mass memory loss charm is the suspected culprit.

Pass this amazing new Potter knowledge on to someone who hasn't heard about it yet!

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