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Dania Lerman

Today, the Jungle Book "Diamond Edition" is released on DVD/Blu-Ray, and there is exactly 0% of my sophisticated adult self that will try to pretend I'm ANYTHING but completely giddy and excited.

To get the rest of you at my level, I want to talk about the most heart-warming, tear-jerking, laughter-filled character in the WORLD: Baloo the Bear. With his big belly, husky voice and ever warm demeanor, we've all struggled with the ridiculously high standards Baloo set for being a perfect dad. Here are 9 times we couldn't help but wish our own fathers could measure up to this singing, chuckling Papa Bear:

1) When he introduced Mowgli to the "Bear Necessities":

All I ever got was a copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves and a box of condoms placed on my pillow...

2) basic sustenance,

He took me to McDonalds when Mom wasn't home...does that count?

3) transportation,

I always had to take the bus to school.

4) ...and self-protection.

I guess I learned how to violently squirm from all the tickle fights?

5) When he went undercover to protect Mowgli and put James Bond to shame:

James Bond?! My Dad wouldn't even dress up for Halloween!

6) ...and broke out the combat when his cover was blown:

Well, okay, that does actually seem like my Dad.

7) When he tucked Mowgli into bed:

I just got a Barbie comforter...

8) And loved him like his very own -

My dad always said I was adopted. Hmph.

9) ...even enough to let him go.

Ok not funny anymore...tears are definitely coming. Gotta to CALL MY DAD!

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