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They went undercover at beauty pageants and were stalked by rouge fisherman; They systematically killed high-school bitches and auditioned for prestigious dance schools; they cheered, they triumphed, they ruled the teen scene in the '90s and early '00s. And, decades later, they're still killing it. But where to find them?

The following list goes through all the major '90s starlets and brings you right up-to-date with their current goings on. You're welcome!

Drew Barrymore

'Scream' v. 'Santa Clarita Diet' [Credit: Dimension/Netflix]
'Scream' v. 'Santa Clarita Diet' [Credit: Dimension/Netflix]
  • Age: 42
  • Way back when: E.T., Scream, Ever After: A Cinderella Story, Never Been Kissed, Charlie's Angels, Donnie Darko
  • Latest projects: Santa Clarita Diet

has come a long way since her Josie Grossy days, bursting onto the scene as Elliott's cute-as-a-button sister in E.T., later as the masked murderer's first victim in the iconic horror movie Scream and then lusting after teachers in Never Been Kissed. After years of providing her voice to Family Guy, and producing a couple of hit movies, the 42-year-old is back with a vengeance — munching the flesh off villains in 's most recent hit series, . And, I think I speak for us all when I say that never has cannibalism looked so hot.

Winona Ryder

'Heathers' v. 'Stranger Things' [Credit: New World Pictures/Netflix]
'Heathers' v. 'Stranger Things' [Credit: New World Pictures/Netflix]
  • Age: 45
  • Way back when: Mermaids, Little Women, Beetlejuice, Heathers, Edward Scissorhands, Reality Bites, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Girl, Interrupted
  • Latest projects: Stranger Things

Back in the late '80s/early '90s you could barely move for 's sea of slammin' movies; from the clinically confused Girl, Interrupted, to playing Cher's daughter/Christina Ricci's elder sister in Mermaids, to busting levitated grooves in Beetlejuice. After one case of shoplifting that seemed to end this beauts career, Ryder returned last summer to light up our TV sets via Netflix's breakout, nostalgia-riddled hit , clutching fairy lights and bringing back that wild-eyed gaze we missed so much.

Reese Witherspoon

'Legally Blonde' v, Big Little Lies [Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/HBO]
'Legally Blonde' v, Big Little Lies [Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/HBO]
  • Age: 40
  • Way back when: Legally Blonde, Election, Cruel Intentions, American Psycho, Sweet Home Alabama
  • Latest projects: Big Little Lies

Almost 20 years ago, was bending and snapping her way around the film circuit, swooning over (after some persuasion) Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions, dating a hooker-massacring, plastic coated nut in American Psycho, and then nailing global recognition via her portrayal of Harvard's honey Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. While her film roles since the early '00s have been sprinkled with golden roles — I'm looking at you Walk the Line and Wild — it feels as though her real return to reign has been a long time coming. Now, thanks to HBO's and a number of movies in the pipeline (including an announced live-action Tinker Bell) this "Gemini vegetarian" is going to be non-stop poppin' over your screen for the foreseeable. And we're very cool with that.

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Kate Winslet

'Titanic' v. 'Triple 9' [Credit: Paramount Pictures/Open Road Films]
'Titanic' v. 'Triple 9' [Credit: Paramount Pictures/Open Road Films]
  • Age: 41
  • Way back when: Sense and Sensibility, Titanic, Hideous Kinky, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Latest projects: The Mountain Between Us, Wonder Wheel

It's hard to remember a time before made the steamy with lovely '90s Leo in the backseat on a sinking ship, probably because she's been owning Hollywood pretty much since then. Whether it was wiping the memory out of her blue-haired head in Eternal Sunshine, wiping her dreams away in Revolutionary Road, or wiping the sweat off Liam Hemsworth's post-coital body in The Dressmaker, it's hard to deny that Winslet's career has been anything but enviable. And there's plenty more envy on the way, too, for her upcoming movie The Mountain Between Us will see her snogging the outrageously smoochable Idris Elba. Get it, gurl!

Sandra Bullock

'Miss Congeniality' vs. 'Our Brand Is Crisis' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Miss Congeniality' vs. 'Our Brand Is Crisis' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
  • Age: 52
  • Way back when: Speed, Practical Magic, Miss Congeniality, 28 Days, Two Weeks Notice
  • Latest projects: Ocean's Eight

When you think of Sandra Bullock, I'd stagger a guess that there's one scene that instantly springs to mind. It involves a plane hanger, an impending disaster at a beauty pageant and one itsy bitsy lilac dress. It is, of course, the makeover scene in 2000's Miss Congeniality, a moment that is burnt into the retinas of pre- and post-pubescents around the globe. Since then she's bagged an Academy Award for being the coolest mom ever in The Blind Side, and a nomination for jammin' space-side in Gravity, and come 2018, she'll be shaking stacks of ca$h alongside Sarah Paulson and Cate Blanchett in Oceans 8.

Sarah Jessica Parker

'Sex and the City' vs. 'Divorce' [Credit: HBO]
'Sex and the City' vs. 'Divorce' [Credit: HBO]
  • Age: 51
  • Way back when: Footloose, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Hocus Pocus, Sex and the City
  • Latest projects: Divorce

Say what you want about the Sex and the City movies — or let's just not go there — HBO's show surrounding a relationships columnist living in NYC marked a seminal shift in TV history, and Sarah Jessica Parker was at the heart of it. After making a name for herself via rebelling in the name of leg warmers in '85s Girls Just Want to Have Fun, SJP became a household name as she traversed the big city looking for love. Now, 13 years after she found it (like I said, let's forget the movies), she's back at the helm of our next TV obsession: .

Julia Stiles

'10 Things I Hate About You' v. 'Riviera' [Credit:Buena Vista Pictures/Sky Atlantic]
'10 Things I Hate About You' v. 'Riviera' [Credit:Buena Vista Pictures/Sky Atlantic]
  • Age: 35
  • Way back when: 10 Things I Hate About You, Down to You, Save the Last Dance
  • Latest projects: Riviera, Trouble

In a sea of butter-wouldn't-melt teen queens, Julia Stiles stood out from the crowd. In her '90s heyday, she starred as the angst-driven Kat Stratford in 10 Things, opposite the beautiful angel Heath Ledger, before beatin' up ballet in Save The Last Dance. Since, she's appeared in a number of movies — most notably in the Bourne franchise — but it's been a long, long time since she's stood at the helm. Until now. 2017 will see Stiles not only front TV series Riviera — a show revolving around her character, the widow of a billionaire, and a total badass — but star alongside Anjelica Huston and Bill Pullman in Trouble.

Kirsten Dunst

'Drop Dead Gorgeous' [Credit: New Line Cinema/Instagram/KirstenDunst]
'Drop Dead Gorgeous' [Credit: New Line Cinema/Instagram/KirstenDunst]
  • Age: 34
  • Way back when: The Virgin Suicides, Dick, Luckytown, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Bring It On, Get Over It, Spider-Man
  • Latest projects: Woodshock, The Beguiled

To be honest, it's hard to remember a time when wasn't owning the screen, since she's basically been doing jus that since Interview With The Vampire back in 1993. And you'd think that ruling the roost would take its toll after over two decades in the limelight, but not for this screen queen. After starring in a number of cult hits since the '00s such as Melancholia and Fargo — Dunst has two awesome projects in the pipeline: Woodshock, a story of drug-influenced paranoia, and alongside Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning, which you can think of sort of like The Virgin Suicides set in Virginia during the Civil War.

Who was your ultimate '90s/'00s Teen Queen?


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