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Director Justin Kurzel's cinematic adaptation of Assassin's Creed is poised to be one of the holiday season's biggest movies, though so far its done a good job of slowly building buzz. We don't know many specifics, though we do know that the film will feature a brand new story filled with references the video game series that serves as its inspiration. Its first trailer revealed some of the movie's secrets, and a closer look at star Michael Fassbender's costume proved that the film will take cues from the games's visual style. Thankfully, a new trailer revealed even more of the upcoming film's secrets.

Watch the latest trailer for Assassin's Creed below:

Fassbender stars as Callum Lynch, a criminal who finds himself confined in a facility run by the mysterious Abstergo Industries. He's forced to use a device known as the Animus to relive the genetic memories of his ancestor Aguilar de Nerha, an assassin in 15th century Spain. As Callum uncovers Aguilar's history, he realizes that he's part of an ancient group of assassins that protects the globe from the nefarious Templar Order, who aim to control modern society through Abstergo.

Naturally, Callum will try to use the skills he learns in the past to confront Abstergo in the present, and judging by the trailer that won't be easy. We see plenty of the video game franchise's trademark parkour-infused action, with Callum/Aguilar leaping across the architecture of Spain while using both stealth and combat skills to take down his opponents, and we even get teases of how he'll use those skills in the present. Luckily, he'll have some assistance thanks to Maria (Ariane Labed), a fellow assassin who shows him the ways of their order. But will Callum's ancient lineage help him take down Abstergo's CEO Alan Rikkin (Jeremy Irons) and his scientist daughter Sophia (Marion Cotillard)?

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Movies based on video games don't have a great reputation, but Assassin's Creed looks to change that by bringing fans a fresh story that actually stays true to the games. And if the announcement of a Gears Of War movie is any indication, that's the way video game adaptations are headed in the future. Assuming Assasin's Creed is a hit, we could see a new wave of high-quality video game adaptations, saving us from the failures of the past.

Assassin's Creed hits theaters on December 21.


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