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News broke earlier this year that Avengers director Joss Whedon is switching sides from Marvel to DC to direct the first ever live-action Batgirl movie. There is currently no release date for the movie, but with the box office success of Wonder Woman and the current lack of female superhero movies, it’s easy to be excited about it.

One topic of discussion surrounding the movie is which version of Whedon will decide to depict. The classic Batgirl costume would not disappoint, but Comics’ recent re-imagining of Batgirl has given the character a brand new look that gives Barbara a more modern feel. Designed by Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr, the new costume features leather instead of spandex and is made from actual clothes.

Batgirl Redesign [Credit: DC Comics]
Batgirl Redesign [Credit: DC Comics]

In the Batgirl of Burnside comic, Barbara Gordon creates this DIY costume fairly quickly using clothes from her closet. Sounds pretty cost-effective, right? However, as many cosplayers have already discovered, Batgirl of Burnside’s costume may not have been all that cheap. Let’s take a look at just how much this college student would have had to spend on her costume.

Breaking Down Batgirl’s Costume

First, there’s the leather jacket. A purple motorcycle jacket like hers costs anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on the brand and quality. I found this 100% leather motorcycle jacket on Amazon for $175.99.

Next, there’s the purple pants. Purple leather pants are not easy to find. And with all the kicking and maneuvering Batgirl does, it’s best if she wears real leather instead of faux leather. I managed to find these Versace leather pants on for $129.99.

Then there’s the iconic yellow Dr. Martens boots. This is a rare color, not even available on the Dr. Martens website anymore, but the same style Dr. Martens cost $135.00.

Now, onto the yellow gloves. I found a pair of women’s yellow leather gloves on Amazon on sale for $34.99.

I found a yellow belt on Amazon for $13.24.

It’s hard to say what Barbara made her cape, cowl and belt pockets out of, but let’s add another $35.00 to accommodate for those.

Total Cost

Add it all up and you get a grand total of approximately $525.00. I don’t think a vigilante crime fighter’s salary is budgeted for that. Either way, the new look is already an iconic part of Batgirl’s history. It’ll be interesting to see how the Batgirl movie will incorporate this version into the costume design.


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