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(Note: The following contains spoilers for Doctor Strange.)

Doctor Strange introduced Dormammu and the Dark Dimension, but the mystic who sought them was Kaecilius and his group of Zealots. Unfortunately for Mads, his character was just a pawn and perished by the end of the movie.

Nevertheless, despite his drastic death, the mystic could actually return in future films. Other characters in the we once thought dead, such as Loki and the Winter Soldier, returned stronger than before and I believe we can also add Kaecilius to that interesting list of survivors.

However, the real question is, should Kaecilius return?

The Many Ways That Kaecilius Could Return

Kaecilius in "Doctor Strange" | Marvel Studios
Kaecilius in "Doctor Strange" | Marvel Studios

Since Kaecilius is a lesser-known character with a vague history in the comics, his story in the MCU could go in a number of directions without fear of ignoring the source material. Additionally, since his story is rooted within the Doctor Strange mythology of dimensions and the mystic arts, there are countless entertaining ways Kaecilius could make a miraculous comeback.

It is true that Loki’s death in Thor was a mere illusion (since we saw him later in a post-credit scene), but we have to acknowledge that the post-credit scene phenomenon started to really jump off after Thanos made his debut in .

To many, myself included, it was a surprise that Loki was still alive. In the case of Bucky Barnes, when he fell to his death in Captain America: The First Avenger we expected to see him again as the Winter Soldier since that story line was one of the most popular in the comics.

But should the evil mystic make a comeback after we watched him perish by the hand of the dread ? The answer is yes, he totally should, and for the following reasons.

Why Kaecilius Needs To Come Back

Kaecilius in 'Doctor Strange' | Marvel Studios
Kaecilius in 'Doctor Strange' | Marvel Studios

The main reason why Kaecilius should return is because of the importance of his role in the story of Doctor Strange -- and because he is played by the incredible Mads Mikkelsen! Stephen Strange became a hero because of Kaecilius, much like became a hero because of Loki.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he returns as an incarnation of a well-known Marvel character, say, Nightmare or N’Gabthoth.

While Mordo may end up being more of a Loki to Strange's Thor, Kaecilius was also part of that brotherly mix. Their character dynamics are much like those of Bucky, Cap and Iron Man in Civil War.

The key to this entertaining relationship is the family ensemble dynamic and the return of Kaecilius would restore that.

Plus, Mikkelsen loves playing the character, and it would be a disappointment if he wasn’t given the chance to reprise the role.

“Half of my life I was reading comic books and the other half I was watching Bruce Lee. So when Scott was pitching this story for me, I think 10 minutes within the pitch he said, and there’s a lot of kung fu and flying stuff. I said, whoa, hold on, rewind. Look, babe, the kung fu, babe, I’m on. Let's go. It’s a childhood dream coming true. It’s a big honor to be here,” Mikkelsen revealed at the Doctor Strange press conference in Los Angeles, California.

"Doctor Strange" trailer | Marvel Studios
"Doctor Strange" trailer | Marvel Studios

There's no shortage of kung-fu in Doctor Strange and Kaecilius was performing quite a bit of the fist-flying action. We need him back! An actor who loves his role and is as open as he was about his portrayal of his character should definitely be given the chance to return.

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Could Kaecilius Return In Another Area of the MCU?

Mads Mikkelsen is Kaecilius | Marvel Studios
Mads Mikkelsen is Kaecilius | Marvel Studios

Mikkelsen is an outstanding actor whose love for comic books and martial arts shouldn’t be limited to one MCU appearance.

His character can go in a number of directions and has a lot of untapped potential. Mikkelsen’s Kaecilius should return, either in one of Marvel's TV shows, the upcoming Avengers movies or in one of the MCU's Phase 4 films.

Do you want to see Kaecilius return and battle Doctor Strange again -- or any other who stand in his way?

Let me know in the comments and poll below!


Should Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecilius return to the MCU?

Doctor Strange is now playing in theaters.


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