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Now, there were a whole lot of great, internet-baiting moments hiding within this year's awards, with Meryl Streep's passionate anti-Trump speech only one of them. The interweb, though, had slightly bigger concerns than the most gifted actor of her generation speaking out against a tyrannical orange reality TV star and the potential damage that his administration could do to the American press.

After all, while Streep was speaking out in favor of empathy and a free press, much of the audience at home was still recovering from having seen two geek icons make out in public. Yup, that's right, and made out, and it was just as much of a hit online as you'd imagine and kissing on live television would be.

The best part of all of that, though?

Emma Stone Is Totally On Board With Andrew Garfield And Ryan Reynolds Making Out

'2017 Golden Globes Awards' [Credit: NBC]
'2017 Golden Globes Awards' [Credit: NBC]

Which, seeing as she and Garfield were in a long-term relationship for a good while there — and the pair chose to lock lips during her co-star 's acceptance speech — is actually pretty cool of her, even if her initial reaction was one of incredulity. Indeed, as ET's Kevin Frazier discovered upon asking the award-winning actress her thoughts on the matter, probably wasn't expecting to see footage of her ex swapping spit with Deadpool last night:

"What?... They did not kiss each other!... They did?!... That's hilarious."

'Deadpool' [Credit: Fox]
'Deadpool' [Credit: Fox]

Which, since the kiss also successfully managed to distract from Reynolds's failure to beat out Gosling to the Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy gong, presumably makes it a roaring success. Plus, there are enough folks out there rooting for Stone and Garfield to get back together to make it entirely possible that this whole thing was just the opening act of a convoluted comedy of errors in which the pair try to win one another back through ever-more zany schemes. Which, in fairness, is a movie most of us would presumably happy to pay to see, especially if Ryan Reynolds played a supporting role.

Either that, of course, or Reynolds and Garfield (correctly) guessed that the internet still finds it hilarious and notable when two straight white dudes jokingly make out, and decided to fool around accordingly. Answers on whether that's a good thing or a bad thing to the usual address.

What do you think, though? Was Reynolds and Garfield's make-out session hilarious, co-opting, or just very, very silly? Let us know below!

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