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FX is stepping into uncharted waters with their first superhero series Legion. Based on the comics character of the same name, this character is an unexpected choice to adapted to screen. David Haller () is an unhinged character within the Marvel comic universe. Depending on the comic timelines he is either a hero or a villain. However, debating his personality is another matter — this is about art.

I am sure you never thought one powerful mutant could inspire such grandiose . Artist love chaos and Legion is the epitome of chaos. This is what the artist sought to capture. David Flores and Michael Murphy had their work on display for the press and diehard fans in Brooklyn, NY for the "Legion Experience." The warehouse space was decked out for the occasion but the exhibit is really about promoting tapping into the mind of David Haller.

The premiere piece at the event is by graphic David Flores. You should recognize this picture as the piece is being used as the representing image of the Legion series and it is intense. It should give any onlooker an idea into the subject matter that is being explored.

[Credit: David Flores / FX]
[Credit: David Flores / FX]

Flores is very passionate about his work and had this to say regarding his inspiration for Legion:

Another stand-out art piece called "Suspension of Disbelief" by Michael Murry from the side looks like randomly scattered items.

However, when you stand in front of the items, its meaning is revealed.

His inspiration comes from this scene from the trailer, which makes sense.

'Legion' [Credit: FX]
'Legion' [Credit: FX]

Here's a small excerpt by Michael Murphy about the piece:

This wasn't your typical celebrity smoozer. This is an event to celebrate the show, as well as the . Legion is a cerebral character whose extraordinary abilities are held within the deepest areas his mind. The same can be said for the manifestation and inspiration of art.

Be sure to check out the first episode of Legion on FX February 8, 2017.

Are you going to be watching Legion?


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