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Rejoice Stranger Things fans! Barb is alive and well thanks to Golden Globes host Jimmy Fallon who opened the 2017 awards show in full style, featuring the stars of 2016's best and most shocking moments in .

Singing his way out of a red carpet traffic jam, Fallon collides with Moulin Rouge songstress Nicole Kidman only to then link arms with Amy Adams while people in hazmat suits dance elegantly in the background.

Even if nothing else about this year's Golden Globes ends up being very memorable, the opening sequence was a smash with its shining moment being the kids of confirming Barb is alive. (Check out the entire opening in the below video.)

As if that wasn't enough, things only got stranger when Fallon swapped spit with 's Ryan Reynolds, then blew off Tina Fey for a moonlit dance with his bestie, Justin Timberlake. If you missed this gem of sequence, never fear. We also have a breakdown of all the fun you missed in the below GIFs.

Sterling K. Brown Calls The Golden Globes Out

Sterling just wants to make sure you know that the Golden Globes take diversity more seriously than he takes himself.

John Snow Knows How To Make A Good Cameo

I don't think anyone could ever get tired of seeing 's Jon Snow resurrected.

Stranger Things Kids Rap

Eleven needs to make a hip-hop record and title it "Leggo My Eggo."


Finally, Justice has been served for Barb! She got her own 15 seconds of fame on the Golden Globes like the star she is. SHE MADE IT!

Ryan Reynolds Freshens Jimmy Fallon's Breath

Wonder how Blake Lively feels about Ryan swapping spit with Jimmy Fallon?

Tina Fey Because, Well, Tina Fey

Nobody walks out on Tina Fey. Wait, is that Justin Timberlake? Get out of the way, Fey!

Justin and Jimmy Dance Through The City Of Stars

Justin Timberlake's star is shining bright, just for Jimmy.

From the opening to the winners, it's clear the Golden Globes has a favorite child (*cough* La La Land *cough*). Nevertheless, we have to give it to Fallon. The opening sequence was classy, funny and just an all-around good time featuring some of our faves goofing off.

Award shows can sometimes get too stuffy, which is why Fallon and his famous friends made the perfect team to kick it off.

Here's to all tonight's winners and nominees, and most off all, here's to Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's romance. Because of you two, we all can believe in love again.

What was your favorite moment of tonight's 2017 Golden Globes opening sequence?



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