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HBO’s Westworld is the latest series to enter the paradigm of artificial intelligence and a future controlled by rebel robots. The sci-fi Western series touches on the limits of human intellect and the lust for taboos, mixed together in a real-life form of . Human guests, enter a constructed Old West reality in which they are able to carry out the sins of society on artificial agents, called hosts.

In this universe, has made astonishing breakthroughs, including the ability to create hosts that look exactly like humans. In addition to offering images of technological marvels and an intricate narrative, Westworld is also packed with conspiracies and personal agendas .

One possible conspiracy that could unfold throughout the series is this question I pose: Is Westworld spearheading a secret government initiative to repopulate the Earth? Let’s explore the theory.

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What Is Westworld?

"Westworld" | HBO
"Westworld" | HBO

In addition to being the title of the show, Westworld is an elaborate theme park for the ultra-rich that specializes in delivering the most immersive realistic Old West experience possible through artificial consciousness. Visitors are immersed in bizarre story lines that involve bounty hunting and saloons, or they can simply navigate through the western landscape, catching a quick romp at a brothel while they're at it.

The landscape of the theme park is so realistic, aside from the fact that it takes place in the Old West, it's impossible to distinguish from the real world. The robotic hosts that inhabit the world are not aware the simulation isn't real and even the humans playing the game forget from time to time that what is transpiring in front of their eyes isn't reality, but an elaborate video game.

But what if Westworld isn't a game at all? What if it is actually a test?

Now five episodes into the series, we’ve seen how the people who run Westworld have capitalized on the inhumanity of their hosts. The artificial humans within the game are starting to evolve and develop personal consciences as we've seen with the characters Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), Maeve (Thandie Newton), and many more. Yet, the specialists working the hosts are trying to stop the evolution by belittling them and returning them to their previous programming code.

But unknown to those who are running the day-to-day operations of Westworld, a far more sinister plan could be at play -- one that includes a deliberate reason for the unexpected evolution of these hosts and is a classified motive that could even be tied to Westworld architect Dr. Robert Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) mysterious partner, Arnold.

Westworld Is Preparing The Apocalypse?

"Westworld" | HBO
"Westworld" | HBO

Westworld could actually be a government-instituted test cloaked as a game to harness artificial humans and run experiments on their social interactions with real humans, with the intention to re-populate the Earth once the apocalypse comes to fruition. At this point in the series, we don’t know what the real world is like in the universe of Westworld so it’s a possibility that they share many of the global issues we do in our world today.

One such issue that is reaching the narratives of Hollywood films is over-population (a recent movie that touched upon the subject was Ron Howard’s ). Though, no character in Westworld has hinted at such a matter, a certain type of apocalypse is definitely on its way -- one produced by Dr. Ford.

Dr. Ford is a god in a world of his own creation and the religious symbolism throughout the show displays that. While the simulation is about to enter a new phase produced by Dr. Ford, this new beginning could also be designed to affect the world outside. It's even possible that the full extent of this may be unknown to Dr. Ford. It all could be the life-ending plan of his partner, Arnold.

Is Arnold Preparing A New Race Of People?

"Westworld" | HBO
"Westworld" | HBO

We know that Arnold is not entirely dead, since he is indeed communicating with Dolores. It could be, much like Johnny Depp in the movie Transcendence, in that Arnold may have uploaded his conscience to Westworld’s servers before his death. All this time, we've been looking at Arnold as the manipulative force behind Dolores’ actions. But what if, through her actions, he is actually manipulating Dr. Ford and those running Westworld?

This new phase that Dr. Ford is creating could be applied to the real world, somehow causing a large percentage of the human population to be killed. After that, Arnold would be free to unleash his "offspring" into the world; a world where hosts are able to evolve freely.

As far as we know, hosts do not currently have a conscience, but that could ultimately be Arnold’s plan: a new race of beings. The technology is definitely possible and the only thing holding hosts from crossing over into the real world are humans. Arnold could be doing all of this by himself, but by having the government secretly helping him achieve his ultimate goal, it ensures that his version of salvation would be realized.

The Man In Black And Free Will

The Man in Black "Westworld" | HBO
The Man in Black "Westworld" | HBO

But when a host finally reaches autonomous control, how do they know they are finally free? I believe we’ve already seen a host obtain free will, and that is the Man in Black (Ed Harris). He shares the same qualities that guests have in the game and he can’t die.

One interesting tidbit that I caught in episode 5 was when the Man in Black mentioned he has been playing the game for over 30 years. He said this while performing a blood transfusion with Teddy, the character played by James Marsden. If he’s been playing the game for 30 years -- seeing the hosts go from robotic metal interiors to flesh, blood and bones -- then what if he himself was once a robotic host? What if he is the first to achieve consciousness and either performed self-surgery by replacing metal with bones or simply covered with flesh to hide the metal within?

That could explain why bullets ricochet from his body. If he is an evolved host, than it's logical to speculate that once a host achieves consciousness they essentially become human and therefore obtain human privileges in the game such as not dying and being impervious to bullets. It's possible that he now has consciousness and is no longer a pawn of the system. His obsession with “the maze” could actually be a metaphor for his desire to break out into the real world. (But that is a theory for another article.)

Dolores and Maeve appear to be other hosts who are on their way to free will as well.

Westworld Is The Tool Of A Conspiracy To Bring Forth A New Race Of Humans

"Westworld" | HBO
"Westworld" | HBO

Arnold is quickly becoming the principal adversary of the series and he could be the sole manipulative hand behind Dr. Ford’s recent decisions, but he could be working with a larger group to achieve his goals. Dolores could be a Trojan Horse placed in Westworld to bring forth complete host autonomy, the Man in Black could be a host in search of a way out of the game, and Westworld itself could all be one big long plan to bring forth a new age on Earth, but who is really pulling the strings?

Is Westworld actually a test, orchestrated by Arnold and the government to replace the population of Earth with A.I. humans?

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Is there more to Westworld than guests, hosts and consciousness?


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