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After La La Land was wrongly named best picture at the 89th , only for the true winner to be revealed as Moonlight, you have to wonder how many people lost bets. You also have to wonder how many people lost jobs. The LGBT-themed drama took home Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, and Best Picture, but these heavyweight awards aren't the only reason Moonlight is being celebrated.

Even though wasn't crowned king, don't turn off the song and dance, because LGBT people are beyond excited for Moonlight.

Why Is 'Moonlight' So Important?

After years of disappointing snubs for LGBT movies like Brokeback Mountain and The Imitation Game, the finally made Moonlight the first LGBT film to take home Best Picture. Moonlight not only represents diverse sexual orientation, but it also includes cultures and races that don't often receive recognition at the Academy Awards. It certainly isn't the first of its kind, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth celebrating.

Take a look at how people on Twitter have reacted to the win. Everyone in the LGBT community is all a little excited.

Actually, very excited.

Celebrities haven't stayed quiet, either. Neil Patrick Harris feels sorry for the presentation mistake, but he calls Moonlight "brilliant."

Ellen enjoyed the whole show, but she's glad everyone was getting along onstage, which is an important factor in making more widely-accepted movies.

Dylan Marron of Seriously.TV and the hit podcast Welcome to Night Vale is ecstatic. However, he represents a lot of people who wish the spotlight would turn back to Moonlight itself, not the envelope blunder.

Some just don't have words.

Some have a few very specific words.

Whether you're happy is being recognized for its social diversity, excited for the doors the award could open for LGBT films, or shocked at the history being made, you're not alone. Moonlight's win is bringing all kinds of people together. It's cutting the ribbon on important conversations. It's sending an overdue message.

Right now, the excitement is running high and loud in the LGBT community, but it doesn't stop there, because this is an award we'll be feeling for a long time.


Do you think 'Moonlight' will have an impact beyond the Oscars?


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