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Now, for all that the are a celebration of the finest talent that has to offer/a dizzying symbol of Hollywood's obsession with style over substance/faintly ridiculous, they're also a night in which many of the most famous people in the world can get hammered in the privacy of a well-lit theater filled with cameras.

For some stars, that spotlight offers the opportunity to grab the headlines, perhaps by making out with a similarly beloved superhero movie star, or by speaking out in favor of empathy and press-freedom, and against orange-faced tyranny.

For others, though, the evening largely offers the opportunity to be massively uncomfortable around the many famous faces you've previously dated. A perfect case in point?

Laura Dern And Billy Bob Thornton Were Just Super Awkward At The Golden Globes

'Daddy and Them' [Credit: Miramax]
'Daddy and Them' [Credit: Miramax]

Yup, that's right. America's favorite kooky aunt ran into the nation's shared irritable uncle, last night, and it was precisely as awkward as you might imagine, considering that he broke off their engagement back in 1999 in order to marry .

Indeed, following a "break-up" that Dern once described in some of the most gloriously pithy terms every recorded — "I left our home to work on a movie, and while I was away, my boyfriend got married, and I’ve never heard from him again" — it's perhaps not all that surprising that the duo didn't spend the evening hugging it out. Thornton's win for best actor in a drama TV series did, however, lead to the pair coming within a few feet of one another — and it was massively, massively awkward:

What's more, the whole thing went down about as well with the internet as Thornton's surprise victory over a whole host of fan favorites in his category...

...not least because it vaguely came across as though he intentionally walked past Dern, just to screw with her:

Now, of course, it's also entirely possible that Thornton and Dern — both being grown ass adults — are completely fine with one another's presence, and have thoroughly buried the hatchet, but that sort of assumption really isn't the internet's style. As such, until we're told otherwise, we're forced to collectively assume that Dern is still super pissed with Thornton, and that Thornton — legendarily petty tantrum-thrower that he is — is somehow pissed with Dern, too.

Y'know, either that, or we could just watch Meryl Streep's speech again.

What do you think, though? Just how awkward do you think Dern and Thornton's run-in actually was? Let us know below!

[Credit: People]


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