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Leatherface, the upcoming eighth movie to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is still a chainsaw away. Nonetheless, that doesn't keep us from gushing over any and every glimpse we get in behind-the-scenes pictures.

Below is a reminder of the classic horror movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

Leatherface is directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury (À l’intérieur, Livid and Among the Living), as well as written by Seth M. Sherwood (The World of Cory and Sid).


The horror movie will serve as a prequel to the original from 1974. The premise will be to introduce Jackson's (Sam Strike) violent teenage years to reveal how he became the infamous serial killer Leatherface.

The plot revolves around Jackson escaping a mental hospital with three of his fellow inmates: Bud (Sam Coleman), Ike (James Bloor) and Clarice (Jessica Madsen). Obviously, the runaways took a captive with them, thus kidnapping their nurse Lizzy (Vanessa Grasse). This leads to their pursuit by a tenacious and vengeful Texas Ranger, Hal Hartman (Stephen Dorff).

Luckily, some of the cast keeps active on Instagram:

Leatherface is to be released later this year. We're glad to see the cast is having a great time shooting, but us fans are hoping the horror movie will be so terrifying we'll forget what fun is altogether.

What was your favorite movie from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise?

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