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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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The Disney live action Beauty And The Beast spectacular is one of the most eagerly awaited movies to look forward to next year. The production team and cast alike are very aware that we are insanely excited to see the film, and so they continue to share teasers and behind the scenes pictures just to keep us thirsty for more.

The most recent image to have been released is that of Luke Evans, the Welsh adonis who is taking the role of Gaston, the gorgeous but arrogant villain. You can see from the image below that the cast are throwing themselves into rehearsals, and we've been given a sneak peak of Evans singing his heart out:

Facebook @therealjackmorrissey
Facebook @therealjackmorrissey

Sigh, what we wouldn't give to be in those arms, dancing around. You can see in the foreground Ian McKellen (Cogsworth), Hattie Morahan (Agathe), Kevin Kline (Maurice), and Dan Stevens (The Beast), all watching on as Evans struts his stuff. So far, one of the main draws for the movie is the casting. We think they've got it spot on, especially when it comes to Luke Evans.

Therefore, in anticipation of what we hope will be a truly magical movie, we take a look at all the times Luke Evans was the perfect Gaston. Sing-a-long, we all know you know all the words:

No One's Slick As Gaston

Oh all the slickness, that velvet bow-tie is everything. Gaston would definitely approve. He even alluded to the fact he's thinking about boobs. He's Gaston through and through.

No One's Quick As Gaston

Imagine the speed Evans could show you in this, the smooth smooth daaawg. If Gaston was a modern day man, you just know he'd have a huge flashy sports car.

No One's Neck Is Incredibly Thick As Gaston

So thick, so juicy. We long to have our arms around that neck. He was born to play this part. We wonder if he will be keeping his thick Welsh accent or will don another one for the role?

Perfect, A Pure Paragon

My ovaries have melted. Look at the perfection that is that face, those brooding eyes. Belle, what are you doing, giving this up? Physically he's perfect for the role, and we cannot wait to see him in action.

No One Fights Like Gaston

Thanks to his time in The Hobbit, Evans is a dab hand with a bow and arrow, Gaston's weapon of choice. The Beast better watch out, Luke is coming for you. The finale battle shall be intense to say the least.

In A Wresting Match, Nobody Bites Like Gaston

You wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those gnashers. Although, the Beast is more likely to have a pair like this. Evans will just have to make do with his pearly whites.

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No One Hits Like Gaston

Ouch, we would hate to see the face of the guy he hit, but we are loving this manly, rugged hands. Of course, Gaston needs manly hands, to tackle beasts and wrap around beautiful women.

No One Shoots Like Gaston

Admittedly Gaston doesn't wield a big fire throwing gun, but look at that concentration, you know he's hitting the target dead on. Evans will be ready to go hunting, so he's able to use antlers in all of his decorating.

My! What A Guy, GASTON!

Evans is everything Gaston needs to be, handsome, rugged, confident and all together very sexy. It may not do it for Belle, but we're definitely going ga-ga for Gaston.

We are ridiculously excited for the movie and can't wait to swoon over Evans. He too continues to keep us hooked with little teasers like this. All together now. My what a guy, Gaaaastooooon:


Is Luke Evans the perfect Gaston?


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