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When Will Forte's MacGruber first made the move from his Saturday Night Live skit to the silver screen back in 2010, his box office returns were disappointing to say the least. Every week on SNL, the character (a parody of the 1992 MacGyver series) would get locked in a room with a bomb that he would fail to diffuse using one of his classic contraptions made from household items. Many critics had a hard time imagining how this sketch format could be stretched to a feature format, but the film quickly became a cult favorite due to its quotability, absurd action and unrelenting '80s references.

Now, six years on, our cunning hero has used a nail file, some elastic bands, and a tampon to tunnel out of obscurity and explode back onto our screens for a second outing.

Check out MacGruber in action in the original movie below:

Jorma Taccone originally created the character in his early days at SNL and both he and Will Forte have been teasing a sequel for years. Taccone took to Twitter to announce that the deadly duo have started work on the script for MacGruber 2 although they haven't found a producer yet. With the reboot of the original MacGyver paragliding to CBS this fall and MacGruber's cult following, it won't take long for Taccone and Forte to find producers.

While we wait for Will Forte to blow the dust off the iconic mullet, we can take a look at what the MacGruber team have been up to since the Midwestern hero last saved the day.

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MacGruber - Will Forte

Although MacGruber has been in hiding for six years, Will Forte has been busy, working on a number of eclectic projects and becoming a household name. Forte went from stealing scenes as a guest actor on shows like How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Recreation and Bob's Burgers to becoming the main attraction in his genius, post-apocalyptic comedy Last Man on Earth. Forte also showed the world he's more than just a comedian with his stirring performance in the independent drama Nebraska. We can't wait for him to don the mullet and plaid shirt once more to save the day.

Check out the trailer for Last Man on Earth below:

Vicki - Kristen Wiig

Will Forte is not the only SNL alumni to move on to bigger and better things. Kristen Wiig, who played MacGruber's true love, Vicki, brought her glorious weirdness to the fourth season of Arrested Development as a young Lucille Bluth before breaking out as the lead in the unforgettable Bridesmaids (one of the few films that may be more quotable than the original MacGruber!). Hopefully MacGruber will be reunited with Vicki in the sequel because they are easily our favorite weirdos-in-love. Almost as weird as Brick Tamland and Chani (another gem in Wiig's collection of oddball characters) in Anchorman 2.

Dieter Von Cunth - Val Kilmer

The legendary actor played the dastardly and deranged villain, aptly named Dieter Von Cunth, who was thwarted by MacGruber at the end of the first chapter. Since then, Kilmer has shown his gentler side, dedicating time to children's cinema in heart-warming films such as Standing-Up, 7 Below and Deep in the Heart. Not many villains could survive being thrown off a cliff, shot, blown up and peed on by MacGruber, but we hope Cunth can make a cunth-back in this bodacious sequel.

Watch Cunth and MacGruber face off below:

Director/Writer - Jorma Taccone

As one third member of Lonely Island — the parody-rap group fronted by Andy Samberg — Jorma Taccone brought that whacky, absurd energy to MacGruber as director and co-writer. Since then, he's been busy working as an actor and a director, stealing scenes in Girls as the unpredictable artist Booth Jonathan and bringing the Lonely Island to the big screen with the Bieber spoof Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

Check out the trailer for Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping:

Lt. Piper - Ryan Phillippe

We hope to see the baby-faced beau reprise his role as Lt. Dixon Piper, MacGruber's second in command. Phillippe struck gold in his follow up to MacGruber, The Lincoln Lawyer and continued his winning streak with some impressive roles on shows like Damages, Secrets and Lies and one of the funniest installments of Drunk History to date.


Who would you like to see as the villain of 'MacGruber 2' if Cunth can't come back from the dead?


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