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It has been well documented that the Jonas Brothers ended up being a sizzling, hormonal cess-pit of sibling rivalry before the tween trio split, but now Nick Jonas has spoken out about how breaking up the band had a silver lining.

In an interview with Los Angeles Confidential, Nick Jonas opened up about how putting the Jonas Brothers to bed helped him become closer to both of his brothers as just plain family instead of business partners and band members:

"[It was] the best thing that ever happened to us. It has allowed for us to just be family. Joe and I live together in LA. We have a home there together—we’re very, very close. My brother Kevin and his wife have a baby and another one on the way. He’s now into his next step, which is in the tech world, which is really amazing. It’s all a really healthy change."

Even Jonas Brothers fans have to admit, seeing the brothers truly grow into their own personalities instead of being presented as a homogenised threesome is truly refreshing. Below we examine the wildly different personas that have emerged for the beloved brothers:

Kevin Jonas - The Family Man

The oldest of the Jonas brothers, and the only one to keep his purity pledge, Kevin Jonas is now a dedicated family man with one beautiful daughter and another baby on the way with wife Danielle. Along with being a devoted father, Kevin is also launching himself into the tech industry and he is now the co-CEO of The Blu Market, an influencer marketing company.

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Joe Jonas - A New Musical Era

Anyone with a pair of eyes can see that Joe Jonas is having an absolute blast with his band DNCE (which for some reason I always read as "dunce" instead of "dance"), and it's awesome that he has found his musical path once more after being led down the more manufactured Disney path. They sound awesome too.

Nick Jonas - Beckoned By The Bright Hollywood Lights

Since leaving the Jonas Brothers, Nick has really spread his acting ways and soared in a way that nobody could have predicted a few years ago. From hard-hitting productions such as James Franco's GOAT to family-friendly endeavors such as Jumanji, we can expect to see a lot more of Nick's photogenic face on both the big and small screen in future.

Anyone with siblings will know how irritating it is to constantly be compared to your brothers and sisters, so it's awesome all of the bros have managed to carve there own bath. You do you, guys!


Do you think you could survive being in a band with your siblings?

(Source: LA Confidential)


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