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The wait is almost over and Supergirl Season 2 is almost here. Arguably the most anticipated of all the DC superhero series, Supergirl has plenty in store for fans to look forward to in its second season — the show's first on its new network, The CW. The Melissa Benoist led series will be part of The CW's annual superhero crossover alongside Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow, will have it's own musical crossover episode with The Flash and feature a host of new characters including actor Tyler Hoechlin as Superman.

Supergirl appears to be hitting all the right notes as it heads into its sophomore season. And thankfully a recently released trailer has finally given us a taste of the action we can expect in Supergirl Season 2.

The new trailer is the first time that we actually get to see Hoechlin soar into action as the Last Son of Krypton, and it's convinced me that he is one hundred percent the right man for the job. Superman looks great flying through the air alongside his cousin Kara, proving that we are definitely in for a treat. But more importantly, the trailer actually reveals some strong indications of what we'll see in the season premiere.

Superman And Supergirl Take Flight

As much as Supergirl proved herself as a solo superhero, I have to admit that I'd been hoping for Kal-El to appear alongside her at least once. Sure, there were plenty of references to Superman in Season 1, but we never actually witnessed the Man of Steel on screen. Obviously, Hoechlin's casting indicated we'd see Superman and Supergirl team-up, but seeing the duo in action is an entirely different experience. The sneak peek shows Kara and Clark stare at each other before flying into battle, and moment that could give fans goosebumps during the season premiere.

The team up that we've all been waiting for [via The CW]
The team up that we've all been waiting for [via The CW]

Furthermore, Supergirl has never really had a crime-fighting partner before. While Martian Manhunter swung into action with her to avert the end of the world, but other than that Kara has been flying solo — pun intended. If this team up with Superman in the first episode proves successful then we could see them together more often in future episodes. Oliver Queen of Arrow and Barry Allen of The Flash have their own crossover at least once a year, and the same thing could happen with Superman and Supergirl.

Why Supergirl and Superman Join Forces

Perhaps the most important thing about the new trailer is that it gives us a reason for the Supergirl/Superman team up. Some sort of craft is headed for Earth and Supergirl can't handle the potentially catastrophic event on her own. But with Superman's help, they will attempt to avert disaster.

Get a taste of Supergirl Season 1 in the clip below:

At this point in her crimefighting career, Supergirl is still a relative newbie and she may be under public scrutiny following her Season 1 encounter with Red Kryptonite, which made her a villain and caused her to almost kill Cat Grant. She's saved the world since then, but the people of National City are still on the fence about aliens, and the whole world will be watching Kara and Clark as they race against time to stop the craft. No pressure!

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Impending Disaster Indicates A New Threat

Can Kara handle the upcoming threat? (via The CW)
Can Kara handle the upcoming threat? (via The CW)

The craft confirms there will be an imminent disaster that Clark and Kara will need to prevent, but I suspect that there's more to it. Perhaps a human or alien threat tampered with the craft and that's why it's headed for Earth? We already know of a few major threats that could be headed to Season 2, including:

  • Mon-El: The first season of Supergirl culminated with Kara discovering a Kryptonian pod. It has since been confirmed that comic book character Mon-El will be the mystery arrival in the Pod,which leads me to believe his arrival will bring Superman to National City. If another alien life form has arrived on Earth, Supergirl will need some help to figure out if Mon-El is a friend or foe. He could appear in the Season 2 premiere, and he might not be a good guy just yet.
Maxwell Lord during 'Supergirl' Season 1. (via The CW)
Maxwell Lord during 'Supergirl' Season 1. (via The CW)
  • Maxwell Lord: Lord proved himself to be rather valuable in the first season finale, but there is a part of me that suspects that he will return to his darker ways in Season 2. He has been obsessed with Supergirl, I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't be equally as fascinated with Superman. If so, Lord could be causing trouble for the twosome in order to lure them out for a larger goal.
Kara and Clark meet with Lena Luthor. (via The CW)
Kara and Clark meet with Lena Luthor. (via The CW)
  • Lena Luthor: Lena's arrival on the show could also spell some trouble for Kara and Clark, especially if she is anything like her brother Lex. Perhaps Lena will become the main threat of the season — the Luthor family name never leads to good things, especially when Superman is involved.

Metropolis Could Be In Danger

While it's likely that Supergirl's home of National City is in danger, it's also possible that Clark needs Kara's help in Metropolis. There are a few scenes in the trailer that could confirm these suspicions. For example, we see the employees of CatCo stare at Cat Grant's television screen to watch the impending catastrophe, but if the event was occurring in their city, wouldn't they be aware of it by now? Couldn't they watch it from their building's large windows instead?

Where is the craft headed? (via The CW)
Where is the craft headed? (via The CW)

Similarly, one of the news reporters can be heard saying that they hope Supergirl is watching, which leads me to believe that Clark needs Kara's help as much as she may need his. We can only guess which city will face destruction, but either way the tension is building and the super powered team up between Clark and Kara is needed now more than ever.

Even if the season premiere does take place in National City, there's reason to believe that some event will happen in Metropolis after set photos revealed key comic book locations from Superman's hometown, including Luthor Corp. So, we could finally see Metropolis and Lex on the show after all.

Cat Grant Will Appear In The Season Premiere

We're just glad that you're part of that CW show Miss Grant [via CBS]
We're just glad that you're part of that CW show Miss Grant [via CBS]

Calista Flockhart killed it in the first season of Supergirl. The former Ally McBeal actress stole every scene that she was in and I was rather disheartened when I heard that she would be featured only in a recurring capacity in Season 2. But fans can take comfort knowing she'll play a role in the season premiere.

This means that we will no doubt see more of Cat's one liners and humorous quips. And it's likely we'll get to see National City's Queen of Media take aim at Superman with her outrageous statements. Cat Grant is the heart of Supergirl, and her appearance in the season premiere will no doubt help set the stage for another killer season.

Superman may not be the star of the show, but his arrival on Supergirl is set to be one of the TV highlights of the year. Supergirl flies into its second season next month and this new trailer has only increased our excitement. Now that we know why the super cousins will team up, the only thing left is to do is wait and see them in action. With so much to look forward to, the superhero drama's second season is set to be even better than its first.

Supergirl Season 2 premieres on October 10 on The CW. What do you think will happen on the season premiere? Tell me in the comment section below.


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