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(Note: The following contains spoilers for Doctor Strange.)

One thing fans love abpit Studios’ movies is their jaw-dropping post-credits scenes.

One of the best so far also happens to be the most recent. At the end of , we saw Karl Mordo declare war on the sorcerers of the world and that could mean Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch will be on Mordo’s death list.

Baron Mordo Is Hunting Sorcerers

"Doctor Strange" | Marvel Studios
"Doctor Strange" | Marvel Studios

Mordo’s newfound purpose came about after discovering the Ancient One’s deception -- she forbid Mordo and her students in Kamar-Taj from accessing the Dark Dimension while she was harnessing the Dimension’s powers to prolong her own life.

Mordo’s is now out to establish mystic order and he will not stop until all “bad” sorcerers are terminated. As we saw in Doctor Strange, Jonathan Pangborn (Benjamin Bratt) was one of the unlucky sorcerers in the midst of Mordo's hunt. But now, who’s next?

In addition to characters like Strange and Wong, whom Mordo will obviously be hunting, another mystic in the that could end up on his radar is Scarlet Witch. Her powers may have been derived from the Mind Infinity Stone, but she is indeed a mystic.

Check out Elizabeth Olsen explaining the powers and origin of her character in the video below.

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Scarlet Witch Vs. Baron Mordo In Avengers: Infinity War

"Doctor Strange" | Marvel Studios
"Doctor Strange" | Marvel Studios

Mordo will likely be hunting down sorcerers who were taught by the Ancient One in the inevitable Doctor Strange sequel, but, it’s also plausible that he will come in contact with Scarlet Witch rather soon. It's totally in the realm of possibility since Strange is set to join the Avengers in and Mordo may not be far behind.

Realizing the potential of her powers, I believe Mordo wouldn’t hesitate to take action. However, Scarlet Witch’s powers are far superior to Mordo’s. This doesn’t mean that Baron Mordo doesn’t stand a chance. He’s attained immeasurable powers before when dealing with in the comics, but this could be a possibility -- especially if we see Dormammu return before the Phase 4 MCU films are launched. That could mean there's massive trouble ahead for the Scarlet Witch.

But Why Exactly Would Baron Mordo Be After Scarlet Witch?

Scarlet Witch’s powers, if used to their full potential, can cause disturbances in the natural law of time and reality. A desire to end those kinds of disruptions in nature is exactly what set Mordo on his villainous path and it began the moment the Sorcerer Supreme used the Eye of Agamotto to alter time.

With the power to control probability and manipulate or create realities, Scarlet Witch's magic is dangerous in Mordo's eyes.

In Captain America: Civil War Wanda only tapped into a portion of her powers. We will have to wait and see when she will unleash her full potential.

When that happens (possibly in Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers 4) Scarlet Witch would be a prime target for Mordo.

Till then, who else do you think will be part of Baron Mordo’s naughty list?

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