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Now, of all the cult favorites to have ever hit the small screen, there's surely none cult-ier than 's iconic . From its very first airing back in April 1990, the show has maintained the sort of devoted, emotionally invested audience that most 'hit' shows would kill for. As such, even a massive decline in ratings during its second season wasn't able to kill it off entirely, with a cinematic follow-up, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, arriving in 1992, a year after the show's cancellation. In the years following, the show's dedicated fanbase kept faith, and added a whole new generation of devotees to its roster.

And then, back in October 2014, word arrived that finally - finally - Twin Peaks would be returning, this time as a limited series.

The only problem? We're still yet to be given any details of an arrival date, beyond a vague suggestion from Showtime president David Nevins that he hoped it would arrive in the first half of 2017. Which, since we've now been waiting a solid twenty-five years, is actually pretty tough to take. Thankfully, then...

We May Finally Know When 'Twin Peaks' Will Return To Our Screens

'Twin Peaks' [ABC]
'Twin Peaks' [ABC]

Or, at least, we may finally have a far more evidence-based guess than was previously the case. Y'see, where once we were just hoping that David Nevins' hopes would come true, we're now able to hope that... a Showtime calendar just gave away a key release date.

Yup, that's right. The official Showtime promotional wall calendar for 2017 may have just told us when Twin Peaks will arrive on our screens. Which, if its to be believed, will be on April 30, 2017, suggesting that it will take over from 's current slot. The reasoning for such thinking, though? Well, aside from the fact that Twin Peaks was given May on the calendar - a selection that would fit nicely with its first month of broadcast - there's also a teasing reference to the show, "Welcome to Twin Peaks", in the very first window of the page... on April 30.

So, Is That Definitely When 'Twin Peaks' Will Arrive, Then?

'Twin Peaks' [ABC]
'Twin Peaks' [ABC]

Well, perhaps - but not necessarily. After all, while its possible that Showtime has opted to use a promotional wall calendar to subtly reveal the show's release date, it's equally possible that it's simply a gentle teasing of fans, or even a completely coincidental decision from a wall calendar division that knew nothing of the show's release plans while making the promotional calendar in question.

In other words? We may well be seeing Twin Peaks on April 30, but for now, it's little more than a moderately well-informed guess.

Which is something, at least...

Still want more on Twin Peaks, and its ridiculously talented cast? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, though, what do you reckon? When will Twin Peaks really return to our screens? Let us know below!



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