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While the villain in any film is an important part of the story, they become all the more terrifying if they are children. Kids in films are often irritating, but sometimes they cross the line, and here are 10 of the very worst.

10. Veruca Salt — Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

I could be talking about any of them, right? Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde or Mike Teevee. While I found the children in the 2005 reboot Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be more annoying than those in the 1971 version, the original is still the classic. Needless to say, while none of these characters were truly evil at heart, they were all spoiled brats and were so annoying that they were on the brink of evil. Veruca was without a doubt the brattiest of them all, constantly ordering her put-upon father around. Yep, she was irritating from the get-go.

9. Samara — The Ring

Now that is one truly terrifying child. Let's face it, we were all a little scared of our TV for a while after we first saw Samara crawl out of one in . It may not have been the best horror film, but it was a seriously creepy one that stayed with us long after the credits rolled because of what Samara was able to do — in essence, breaking the fourth wall to scare the f**k out of us viewers. She's not higher on this list because she's kind of a demon as opposed to a real child. The worst part about Samara? Just about every time you see her appear on screen, she kills someone, further fueling viewer anxiety.

8. Draco Malfoy — The Harry Potter Franchise

The obvious pick for most evil child is , the constant presence throughout many a moviegoing childhood. The fact that he transitioned from school bully to Death Eater shows how evil this character was. His most sinister moment was without a doubt when we discovered he was the one plotting all along to have killed. And let's not forget that these films were chock-full of other evil children. Do I even need to mention Dudley Dursley?

7. The Entire Village — Village Of The Damned

Credit: MGM
Credit: MGM

A small English village full of evil, blonde, crazy-eyed kids is sure to be an absolute horror-fest, and it was when Village of the Damned was released back in 1960. There was also that whole thing about the telepathic powers all the children possessed, and of course the fact they were in fact mutant spawn. Yep, they were really evil. But they're not higher on the list because they're not entirely human.

6. Regan — The Exorcist

It seems that in Hollywood, the children who are most evil are a variety of other things as opposed to just children. Regan was a normal child, until of course she was possessed by a demon who used her to try to break into the living world. Many characters in film have been used as such a portal, but listing them would take hours of painful research into the poorer end of the horror genre, so I will stick with just the original demon child, and obviously the most famous. Twisting her head the full way around and screaming terrible, terrible things at priests puts this little girl high on the list, despite her non-childish nature.

5. The Grady Daughters — The Shining

More demon children. Why is it always demon children? These creepy twins, among the other ghostly residents of the Overlook Hotel, made for one terrifying film-watching experience. You have to wonder why apparitions like these two kept appearing so often around that eerie place, not really making a whole lot of sense to add to the story of The Shining, but that's just part of the fun of adapting Stephen King to the silver screen.

4. Esther — Orphan

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Where are all the real children on this list, I bet you're wondering. I guess it's really more about child actors, even if they aren't playing children on screen. In this case, Esther is not a child, but a 33-year-old mentally ill woman who pretends to be a child to get adopted into a family, only to try to murder them all. Really just a case of worst possible scenario.

3. Isaac — Children Of The Corn

Credit: New World Pictures
Credit: New World Pictures

Ahh, a child at last. I think. A pretty evil one, and the one who convinced a whole town of children to kill the entire population of adults, leaving them alone to worship their mysterious cult leader. That's pretty horrifying if you ask me, no matter what's wrong with the kid.

2. Joffrey — Game Of Thrones

Another actual child, albeit a spoiled one who was the product of incest, ensuring his only genes are those of selfish, evil people. is the most irritating and annoying villain of all on , and as king of the Seven Kingdoms, he committed many atrocities, including beheading his fiancée's father, killing many innocent people, and probably being extremely sexually frustrated.

He was mercifully poisoned at his own wedding, and is no longer around to infuriate us constantly!

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1. Damien — The Omen

But even Joffrey Baratheon, EVEN Joffrey Baratheon, isn't as bad as the antichrist himself. That's right, top of the list is Damien, the center of an entire horror franchise, and the son of Satan. You can try to argue all you like about Damien making the top of this list, but let's be honest, you all know I'm right.


Which movie or TV child do you think is the most evil?

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