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To this day, Superman: The Movie still stands as one of the most definitive superhero movies ever made. Not only is it a nostalgic gem, but Superman boasts Christopher Reeve's legendary performance as the Man of Steel, some of Superman's most inspiring cinematic feats, and John Williams' unforgettable score.

But believe it or not, most people haven't seen everything this film has to offer, as more than 40 minutes of the original movie was left on the cutting floor. However, Superman: The Movie can now be viewed in its full glory on an upcoming home video release.

In a Facebook post, the Warner Archive Collection proudly announced the release of Superman: The Movie - Extended Cut & Special Edition 2 Film Collection. The special edition comes with the Superman: The Movie - The Special Edition that was released in 2002 as a "Director's Cut" (which has an additional 8 minutes), and the highly-anticipated Superman: The Movie - Extended Cut, which completely restores all of the deleted footage.

The DVD comes packed with special features, including commentaries from director Richard Donner, documentaries and the soundtrack.

From Krypton To Smallville: What To Expect In The Extended Cut Of Superman: The Movie

'Superman: The Movie' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
'Superman: The Movie' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

After the successful release of Superman: The Movie in theaters, the movie's original 188 minute (3 hours and 8 minutes) version was aired on cable television as a two-night event. At the time, audiences were able to see more exposition, life on and Clark Kent's (Christopher Reeve) adolescence in – none of which had ever been seen in cinemas. However, until now this well-received version of Superman had never been issued a home video transfer.

Video releases of Superman: The Movie would later add some of the excised content as "deleted scenes" that could be found in the special features, but these were rarely incorporated into the final cut. The newest Superman Blu-Ray remaster aims to change this, and give fans the full uncut version of the landmark superhero movie.

As listed on Wikipedia, some of the highlights from the deleted 40 minutes reportedly include:

  • A subplot of an Executioner (a Kryptonian security officer) being sent by the council to hunt down and capture Jor-El
  • When Superman is trying to get to Lex Luthor's underground hideout, he is subjected to machine gun fire, a giant blow torch, and is frozen in ice
  • Lex Luthor plays the piano in several scenes; when he has Otis drop Eve Teschmacher into the lions' den at the end he is singing "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby."
  • After Superman saves Lois at the end and flies off, he's seen rescuing Eve Teschmacher from the lions' den, in which Lex had previously dropped her
  • The little girl who sees the teenage Clark Kent running faster than the train is revealed to be Lois Lane, a fact revealed when her parents (Kirk Alyn and Noel Neill) talk to her by name
  • Nearly all of John Williams' score is restored

In its current form, Superman: The Movie is still a fantastic superhero movie that has stood the test of time, but seeing even more of the legendary film is sure to be a treat no Superman fan can resist. The Blu-Ray DVD is expected to be available before the year ends, and just in time for the release of the next big movie, Justice League.

Will you buy Superman: The Movie -Extended Cut when it hits shelves? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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