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In 2016, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn starred in Bad Moms, a comedy about a group of mothers eager to get out of their rut with a wild night. While not a massive critical success ––currently holding a 58% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes –– the film earned a whopping $183 million at the international box office on a $20 million budget. Thanks to that overwhelming success, we're getting a sequel.

This time around, however, our beloved gang of stereotype-breaking mothers won't be alone in their shenanigans. Their own moms (played by , and ) will come along for the ride. Now we have our first trailer to get a taste of how such a reunion will play out. Check it out:

That was hilarious, but there's something more relevant to take away from this trailer:

'A Bad Moms Christmas' Is Carrying Over The Elements That Made Its Predecessor So Special

The first was one of the nicest surprises I've had watching a film. I though it would be just another raunchy comedy from the bombastic marketing material, but the final product was something unique. It focused on three mothers doing their best to not only raise their children, but also overcome major obstacles in their lives.

The 'Bad Moms' title came in once they rebelled against the norms of motherhood. But a concept that could have easily veered into unnecessarily raunchy territory was handled brilliantly: They weren't suddenly throwing in the towel and leaving their children to fend off for themselves. They just found another way to approach motherhood, one that was frowned upon by other mothers who were adamant to stick to old paradigms and unnecessary practices.

Judging from the trailer, seems to be heading in that same direction. One scene that stood out for me in the footage was Amy's mother telling her:

"Amy, you are a mom. Moms don't enjoy, they give joy. That's how being a mom works."

Essentially, the movie is putting the norms and rules erroneously applied to mothers, whether they're about raising their children or something as simple as enjoying the holidays, and putting them front and center to show just how ridiculous they can be. That's something rarely explored in comedies, so I can't wait to see how the movie turns out.

A Bad Moms Christmas will hit theaters on November 3, 2017.

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