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Unless you have been spending your days tucked away in a cave in Siberia you will have heard of the bootylicious Beyonce's bumper crop of saucy video action.

I have ploughed my way through Bey's masterwork to pick out the three biggest video naughties so you don't have to. You're welcome!

Pretty Hurts

Baring her jewel encrusted bosom as a disenchanted beauty queen, The queen B flaunts her considerable wares for the slack jawed judges.

Only bejewelled baps will do for the delectable Bey

Beyonce whips out her banging body in some saucy bikini based scenes and proves that she has what it takes to put eyes on stalks with her scandalous curves.

Miss 3rd Ward? More like Miss 3rd Phwooooar!

Poor Bey and her mouthwatering booty lose out to another luscious lady in the competition but at least she gave us an eye full before being booted out. Everyone loves a trier Beyonce. Especially when they are rocking a rack like that.

Drunk In Love

As soon as I saw this video was in black and white, I knew I was in for a gold mine. After all, black and white means artistic and, artistic means fields of delectable flesh.

Beyonce getting wet and wild

Beyonce doesn't disappoint as she writhes around on the sand in a fetching transparent number the showcases her breathtaking bod to perfection.

Smouldering on the shore Beyonce style

Getting wet and wild on the beach isn't enough for this scantily clad sex kitten and Bey also takes the time to put some naughty ideas into our innocent heads with her filthy lyrics. Dear me! No wonder she needed a wash.


Sitting proudly at the top of this pyramid of filth. Perfection is the video that any self-respecting perve should be spending their itunes credit one. This cacophony of cage dancing and mirrored floor writing is enough to make fans of beyonce's delectable booty weep with glee.

Double the delights on a mirrored floor

If feasting your eyes on that glorious badonkadonk has set your pulse racing I would avoid the picture below if you don't fancy a full cardiac arrest.

THAT BODY!!! I'm sorry, I appear to have been struck mute.

Source: The Daily Mail

Images: The Daily Mail via Youtube


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