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Tino Jochimsen

Chiquinquira Delgado is a voluptious Venezuelan actress who seems prone to turn hordes of faithful Latino husbands into sinful lechers. Well, they don't have to nibble from the forbidden fruit, you might argue. Au contraire, faithful readers!

Problem for those good Catholic husbands is that "Chiquinquirá" is also the name of the religious capital of Colombia.

Now, imagine you just want to take the bus to get a medium-sized can of holy water on a warm Spring Sunday. You board the shoddy vehicle, take a nap in the swirling midday heat - and wake up in front of seniorita Delgado's place, which, at this point, we might as well call the palace of promiscuous lust.

"¡Ay, caramba", you might cry out!

¡Ay, caramba, indeed my friends...


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