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Surprise! There's a Charmed Reboot in the works. While witches are pretty common in our American Horror Story: Coven and The Vampire Diaries TV landscape, having three (really, four) sisters - , , , and - battling demons in San Francisco fifteen years ago was pretty revolutionary. Sure, we had Buffy, but Charmed provided a level of B-grade camp that was pretty spectacular. I can't be the only person who remembers Milano turning into a mermaid, right? The show still does pretty well with re-runs, so the news of a reboot is both surprising and predictable. Milano and McGowan recently shared their frustrations on Twitter:

Keep in mind that the show ended in 2006. There are already battle cries from fans to have a reunion instead of a reboot. Not only that, Shannen Doherty - who notoriously left the show after the third season because she's Shannen Doherty - proposed that she'd like to be a part of a Charmed movie:

Let's be real, you guys. The reason Doherty would be down for a Charmed movie is because this is the last thing she did:


Would you guys want a reunion or reboot? I'm leaning toward reunion. Never forget!

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