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Author and "King of Horror" has always had a vault of material from which Hollywood and television have drawn, but it seems like lately, he's everywhere, just beneath the surface...waiting...

No, seriously. Check out his IMDB page and just count all the projects based on works of his that are in varying stages of development but not yet released. Or I can save you the time. Twelve. There are twelve. And that doesn't even include the upcoming Carrie, which we all know is hitting theaters later in the year. Or the rumored projects.

It looks like we can add another one to that list, because Sunn Classic Pictures is determined to get a Cujo Remake off the ground. The studio, which produced and distributed the original, retained the rights and it looks like they want to do something with them before they expire.

They've even released a sales trailer that is the lovechild of the score from the 28 Days Later franchise and a nightly news scare exposé.

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It will be interesting to see what King has to say about this, considering he is not at all happy with the Warner Bros. plans to make a The Shining prequel.

The trailer is claiming a 2013 release date, but so far there's been no word yet on, uh, well, anything, such as director or cast or filming date or location, so we'll see. It wouldn't have to be a big-budget film with lots of CGI, so it may not take long to film and run through post-production. Anyway, King and horror fans, you know the drill. Use your trigger-finger to click [[follow]] and we'll keep you updated on all the rabid goodness.


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