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Horror is my forte
Lea Weller BA PGcert

In this new uncanny addition to the independent horror genre Pillscher gives us a creepy take on the end of the honeymoon period. Taking a trip to kick off their married life; Frieda and John Golden embark on an amazing holiday to Scandinavia to celebrate their marriage in honeymoon style. They are a happy and funloving couple; their life was perfect and they were certainly content but the coming events work to change that. Whilst visiting an old island Sea Fort just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark; The Trekroner Søfort to be exact; John becomes very ill and starts to deteriorate further when they arrive home to the U.S. a few days later. Frieda becomes ever more paranoid that they did not just bring some virus home; but something else more sinister.

Their perfect life changes when they arrive home from their honeymoon. The couple both start to experience bouts of illness further and memory loss that is continually unexplained. Frieda keeps seeing someone in their house but she can never catch them. John thinks she is hallucinating and makes her feel silly; but John his having strange visionary dreams which are filled with this sinister hooded figure. John will not admit his own encounters with the strange to Frieda or even himself. So now they both seem to be hallucinating this faceless hooded figure that is ever present in their marital home. Something seems to have latched onto the couple; pushing its way into their life. But what have they brought back with them?

The couple must struggle to find the truth of what they brought back. Frieda is an architectural photographer so she decides to take pictures throughout the house in the hope of finding something; anything that could explain the strange happenings. John starts to research online about the old island fort as he notices a mark on his body that is the same as a marking he saw when they visited the old fort. So What exactly happened to them at Trekroner Søfort? What came home with them? With their insanity hanging on a thread, the newly-weds must fight for their reality before they come face to face with the evil an sinister presence that has been hunting them; in turn being born into their lives forever.

Pillcsher states on his website "I've always loved scary movies. I think it's the nature of feeling like you're being hunted and very afraid, your adrenaline starts pumping, and at the same time you are enjoying yourself in this controllled and safe environment. Needless to say, I've always wanted to make a horror movie and add my own contribution to the genre. I also love artsy movies, and movies with strong characters, tension between them, and a little bit of humor. The best scary movies contain all these elements. I don't usually like movies with lots of gore or horror movies that show everything. I think some mystery and some things left to your imagination make them scarier. I want_ A Dark Souvenir_ to illustrate that you can still make a great horror movie without buckets of blood, monster masks, CGI, showing all the violence, or sexist, reactionary writing. I'm a huge fan of Ingmar Bergman, Stanley Kubrick, Ken Loach, and Ti West. Although this will be a horror film, I hope it's also a drama that even people who don't like horror can appreciate. I hope the characters are real and relatable. I also hope to show there's a space for creative storytelling with little-to-no budget, and that with the right community support we can keep independent film alive!"

Take a look at the following link to take a sneak peak of the film and what is coming…



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