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The good fellows over at The One Ring, the #1 source for all Tolkien-related news, are lucky enough to have attended a Fan Event in which they were shown an advanced screening of five different scenes from the upcoming The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, adding up to a total of approximately 20 minutes of footage. They were kind enough to take notes of what they saw, and put 'em up on the web for all of us to see. I have taken those scene descriptions and summarized and condensed them, in case any of you want to check out the way the movies are tackling the adaptation of the book (and you're not a complete spoilerphobe). In any case, each description is 'hidden' under the spoiler Invisibility Cloak, so that you can choose for yourself which scene(s) you want to have "ruined" for you. Here are all five of them:


a) Bilbo fends off the Spiders of Mirkwood

Bilbo () climbs up a tree, from the top of which he can finally see The Lonely Mountain, which isn't as far as he had thought. He calls out the good newsto the Company below, but receives no reply. Suddenly, as menacing music starts to play, Bilbo looses his footing while climbing down and gets ensnared in a huge spiderweb. The owner of the web quickly approaches (a gigantic spider, much like Shelob from LOTR), but Bilbo is able to slice through its head with Sting. He frees himself from the net, only to see another dwarf (of whom we only glimpse a nose) trapped in a web, along with the rest of the group captured by the arachnids. Bilbo then puts on the Ring, and suddenly, he can hear the Spiders actually talking! There are audible words like 'feast' and 'fat and juicy' Dwarves. Bilbo, being invisible, starts courageously hacking at one of the spiders, killing it. After he completes his spidey-massacre, he gives his Elven blade its famous name:

Sting. That's a good name for you.

b) The Great Barrel Escape

The Dwarves are in an Elven prison. Bilbo suddenly appears with the keys to their cells. After opening the doors, he leads the whole Company down to some sort of cellar. There, he instructs his companions to get into an assortment of barrels, to the loud protest of the Dwarves. When Thorin () commands them to do it, however, they comply. While they're about to escape, Tauriel () discovers the evasion and leads a group of members of the Elven Guard to the cellar. After everybody else has been released through a trapdoor mechanism to the river flowing below, Bilbo is trapped above as the floor door closes before he can himself clamber into a barrel. Tension mounts as the Elves approach, but in the last minute, Bilbo manages to accidentally trigger the counterweight to the door, and falls down where the rest of his buddies are waiting for him (which seems a bit strange, seeing how the current of the river is supposed to be pretty strong for their rollercoaster-like descent.

c) Bard smuggles some Dwarves

The Company is on a boat, traveling next to the ruins of Dale while being guided by Bard the Bowman (). The Dwarves are clearly suspicious of Bard. Dwalin () asks:

How do we know he won’t betray us?

To which Thorin answers:

We don't.

As they clear the fog, they start to see the outline of the Lonely Mountain. Bard urges the short men to clamber into the barrels again, as there are guards. Once hidden, the Company can see through their barrels how Bard talks with some traders, handing over the coins they've collectively put together to pay for passage. The scene ends with a voice shouting:

Goods inspection!

d) The Elves interrogate an orc

Thranduil (), Legolas ( and Tauriel are interrogating a captured orc, but he proves to be defiant and refuses to reveal anything. Tauriel gets agressive, after which she is ordered to leave by Thranduil. After she's gone, the orc laughs at any further attempts at negotiation from the Elves and mutters about death and fire. Then he says this great line:

My master serves The One. Death is upon you.

Horrified, Thranduil swiftly decapitates the orc. Legolas reminds his father that he had promised to free him. His dad's response?

I did. I freed him from this world.

Bad ass. He then orders Legolas to seal the borders of the Woodland Realm so that nobody can get in or out.

e) Entering Erebor

Bilbo and Balin () are in a hallway just past the Secret Door, looking for the Arkenstone. The Shire theme music starts to play, Balin disappears back down the hallway, and Bilbo is left to enter the main hall and steal the jewel on his own.

When entering Erebor, Bilbo stumbles across the huge piles of treasure and gold, making too much noise. At one point, he finds a golden cup and picks it up, loosening a big pile of gold coins. As they slide away, they reveal Smaug’s eye underneath. It is closed, and Smaug () is asleep.

Doing everything possible to be really quiet, he still isn't safe from the noises the surrounding gold and jewel make while he backs away from the gargantuan dragon. At some point, the dragon wakes up, and the coins spill to the sides while he slowly rises.

Cut to black.

What do you think? There are some obvious differences with the source material, but that can't come as news (just look at The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey). If you want to read the full description of each scene, which includes a bit more of dialogue and tons of little details, check out the special report from The One Ring here.

The Hobbit comes out in theaters on December 13th.



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