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Only three weeks remain before the release on DVD and Blu-Ray of 's thriller 2 Guns. Obviously, nowadays the juiciest aspect of the DVD's is not the film in itself, but rather all the bonus materials that show us the 'making of,' deleted scenes, interviews and production process, among other stuff. In light of that, for your very own enjoyment, we bring you five short videos featuring exclusive content that adds some context to the and movie.

a) Deleted scene: 'Bring Your Kid to Work Day'

Great scene that didn't make the final cut in which slams a telephone book in 's face.

b) Script featurette

Short overview on the screenwriting process, with a look at the source material (Steve Grant's graphic novel) and Mark Wahlberg's impressions on his character.

c) Buddy comedy featurette

A segment exploring the comedic aspects of the movie, through interviews with cast and crew.

d) Costume design featurette

A one-minute overview of the costume designing process.

e) Action featurette

Great footage of stunts and action sequences, with a special emphasis on weaponry.

The 2 Guns DVD and Blu-Ray editions come out on November 19th.

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