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Jason Chapman

I’m a very creative guy, constantly writing down ideas for stories and movies that will most definitely never be, and it saddens me. Why can’t I have my vision make it to the big screen, or to readers across the globe? Sure, being a high school graduate and college attendee makes the odds of becoming a professional writer or filmmaker greater, but why not give the public a chance to share their ideas? Hollywood is constantly making sequels, prequels and remakes (some of which should have never happened), and don’t seem to release a truly bold and creative vision of a new story.

Recently, Veronica Mars fans showed their appreciation by helping fund millions to Kickstarter, which gave it not only the green-light, but a whopping $5.7 million! In even more recent movie news, Dredd fans are trying their hardest to make sure a Dredd sequel (or prequel) can happen by buying up DVD and Blu-rays, which has Karl Urban, who played the infamous Judge Dredd in the recent film, happy and appreciative of the many fans. Now, while this is great, I have a proposition of my own to anyone and everyone reading this: why not have a contest where a few thousand people send in one idea each for movies to whomever hosts the contest, and pick 10 stories that sound the best to adapt into movies. This is obviously a stretch, but is not completely impossible with how the movie industry is going. It would certainly be a great chance for the truly creative to share their greatest and boldest ideas; I know I would happily share mine, having a few dozen that would be pretty cool.

What do you think? Would a huge contest like this be good for Hollywood, or a lost cause before it even happened? I personally want to see some video games adapted to the screen (Bioshock & Dead Space being two examples), but original ideas would be great.


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