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Anyone who has seen the last entry of the Die Hard franchise – 2007's Live Free or Die Hard – will know that it was so toned-down that it was barely believable as the same world. Clearly, the rationale of making it a PG-13 affair was to maximize box office returns, but the resulting movie ended up focusing more on over-the-top action sequences (McClane versus a jet!) than the brawl-style fighting from the previous movies in the franchise and also gone was McClane's profanity. However, this latest news regarding the upcoming fifth movie should be welcome to even the most skeptical of fans.

According to Den of Geek, it has been confirmed that A Good Day to Die Hard will receive an R rating, due to the violent content of the movie. A new television spot touting the just-rated flick has just confirmed that rating. Yippee-ki-yay, lovely people!

(via Den of Geek)

Hearing that it's R-rated makes we want to see it more, the addition of blood and more natural use of profanities is welcomed with open arms. Plus, it seems as though always puts the extra effort in when he makes a Die Hard movie. My real hope, however, lies in , who seems like a genuine rising star. I had some misgivings originally, the old 'passing the torch to his son' garbage, but the television spot actually looks surprisingly good. Willis is in fine form, and after seeing the guy who plays his son as the badass in Jack Reacher, it will be interesting to see him alongside Willis.

I'm feeling strangely optimistic about this one. Does the fact that this new movie will be rated R make you more interested in seeing it, or is it time for the Die Hard franchise to, well, die? Let us know in the comments and meanwhile, click [[follow]] to stay updated with news from the movie.


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